Year of the Asian 2020 Challenge! #YARC2020

Year of the Asian 2020 Challenge! #YARC2020

I can’t wait to fully participate in #YARC 2020 this year! And from the very beginning too! Last year, I joined when I found out about this, back in June, so I was six months behind from starting. However, my goal was at least one book, and I ended up hitting 17! I can’t wait to see how many books I get to this year.

Be sure to click on the link above for the introduction post, and to sign up! This post will serve as my progress tracker for the year, so stay tuned for that.

Philippine Tarsier: 1-10 Books

  1. Loveboat, Taipei – Abigail Hing Wen (Re-read)
  2. Scavenge the Stars – Tara Sim
  3. Girl in Translation – Jean Kwok
  4. Blood Heir – Amélie Wen Zhao
  5. Seven Deadly Shadows – Valynne E. Maetani (& Courtney Alameda)
  6. Malice – Pintip Dunn
  7. The Wolf of Oren-Yaro – K.S. Villoso
  8. A Spark of White Fire – Sangu Mandanna
  9. Temporary Wife Temptation – Jayci Lee
  10. The Life Below – Alexandra Monir

Indian cobra: 11 to 20 Books

  1. Wicked As You Wish – Rin Chupeco
  2. The Henna Artist – Alka Joshi
  3. The Black Tides of Heaven – JY Yang
  4. Thorn – Intisar Khanani
  5. Warcross – Marie Lu
  6. The Mermaid, The Witch, and The Sea – Maggie Tokuda-Hall
  7. We’re the Last – G Sasaki
  8. Night of the Dragon – Julie Kagawa
  9. Gotham High – Melissa de la Cruz
  10. Wildcard – Marie Lu

Malayan tapir: 21 to 30 Books

  1. The Bone Witch – Rin Chupeco
  2. Shadow of the Fox – Julie Kagawa
  3. The Silence of Bones – June Hur
  4. Disenchanted – Brianna Sugalski
  5. The Henna Wars – Adiba Jaigirdar
  6. The Archer at Dawn – Swati Teerdhala
  7. Jo & Laurie – Melissa de la Cruz & Margaret Stohl
  8. Forest of Souls – Lori M. Lee
  9. It’s Not Like It’s a Secret – Misa Sugiura
  10. Malice – Pintip Dunn

Giant panda: 31 to 40 books read

  1. Spin the Dawn – Elizabeth Lim
  2. Wicked Fox – Kat Cho
  3. I Love You So Mochi – Sarah Kuhn
  4. The Beautiful – Renee Adhieh
  5. The Poppy War – R. F. Kuang
  6. Girls of Paper and Fire – Natasha Ngan
  7. Soul of the Sword – Julie Kagawa
  8. Seven Deadly Shadows – Courtney Alameda & Valynne E. Maetani

3 thoughts on “Year of the Asian 2020 Challenge! #YARC2020

  1. Good luck with the challenge! I need to go back and count up exactly how many book I managed to read last year, but I know that I still have tonnes on the to-be-read list to read for YARC this year too!


  2. I really want to join in on this challenge but I don’t trust myself to actually do very well, so I might skip it again this year and just try to diversify my reading as much as possible! Less pressure that way? 😅 Good luck though, Leelynn!


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