Blood Heir by Amélie Wen Zhao

Blood Heir by Amélie Wen Zhao

I feel like I could have gone on and on with my thoughts on the themes but then this review would be twenty thousand pages long and I might as well should have written a book by then, right?

But anyway.

I mentioned it a little bit above, but I personally feel like Ana and Ramson went through really strong character development in this first novel, and I think that their growth is going to continue in the next two novels. From the way that we got to see them prior to the beginning of the events of this novel – in the flashbacks, which were amazingly done, by the way – to the end of this novel, I can see how their decisions would have been different back then, and how by experiencing what they have and learning from their mistakes, they made the decisions that they made today. I was really impressed with them.

I also was glad to see growth in less prominent characters like Jonah Fisher and May, and even Yuri. I hope that I see Yuri again in the second novel, and I see what more he has done since he and Ana parted ways in this novel, and I feel like he is going to go through some major growth as well.

Zhao just really gave us some realistic characters to root for and learn from and learn about, and I think that her showing different facets of their personalities and characters through the use of the flashbacks and the third person POV really helped me relate to them in a level that I don’t always get while reading novels. I felt like I could have been following their journey personally, one of their companions, and seeing them grow into the people that they are by the end, and seeing their potential to grow by the end of the series. It was a great feeling.

9 thoughts on “Blood Heir by Amélie Wen Zhao

  1. I’ve been sold even more on this book after this review! I saw that there was a live chat with Zhao on the FB group and I only managed to watch a very short part of it in the beginning (when she’s struggling to connect with the chat haha so cute) but I’m looking forward to watching it in full. I love this review, I actually really love the page breaks (it breaks down the post into shorter more ‘reader friendly’ lengths) and I’m all for it! I also really love everything about your new graphics made my Kat! 😍


  2. So glad you loved this one! It is such a fantastic book for a debut and I am excited for the next in the series!


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