The Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus Character Book Tag

The Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus Character Book Tag

Hey, mersquad coven!

I’m finally doing some fun stuff on my blog again, because it has been way too long since I’ve had some fun on here. I asked May from Forever and Everly to tag me in her original tag for the Percy Jackson / Heroes of Olympus Character Tag when she was ready to post it, so thank you so much May for doing that! All of the graphics that I’m using on here are from her, so if you do end up doing this tag (which you totally should!) make sure you give the proper credit to her and her amazing skills.


  • Thank the person who tagged you and link to their post.
  • Link to the original creator: May @ Forever and Everly! Please note that she made the artwork/graphics, if using them. *If you care about graphics having a clear quality, make it big enough so that the dimensions are 1103 x 175!
  • Match books with the given prompts.
  • Tag however many people as wanted!
  • Copy-paste the rules and list of prompts.

It’s always so hard to pick just one book for the entire year, and even though we are pretty much done with half the year (I don’t even know how we are pretty much in June already!) I have to say that Blood Heir is still my absolute favorite. I know that I’m going to have a favorite book each month that I’m now keeping track of in my new journal, but I just felt so much love for this one that I wrote such a long review for this and I couldn’t get enough of it. I think I even talked about how inspirational Wen Zhao was to me in my AAPI Heritage Month post so, yeah. Clearly this book is very much in my heart and I can’t wait to read the next two books in this series.

I’m actually doing a reread of this one after finding out that we are getting a Netflix adaptation of this trilogy (freaking hell yes!) and there’s a Discord group talking about it so check that out. I was totally in love with this book the first time I read it, and I’m so glad that I get to go back to Daevabad this year. Something about this book was just really impressive to me and I feel like Chakraborty did such an amazing job creating this world and making multi-dimensional characters that you can both hate and love at the same time. Like the prompt says, I am definitely in awe of her genius.

I feel like Hur’s debut is definitely underhyped right now, and I don’t know if it’s because of COVID-19 or what, but this definitely needs way more love than it’s getting right now. You can see that Hur did her due diligence and research when she wrote this historical fiction novel, and it really brought such an amazing light to 1800s Joseon (Korea) in a genre that rarely gets to see Korea in the spotlight. I’m so glad that I had a chance to read this ahead of time, and I can’t wait to do a reread and listen to the audiobook for this one. Absolutely stunning.

So I think I need to say that I don’t usually go into reading books thinking that I’ll hate it. So this was hard to answer anyway because I refuse to read books that I think I will hate because I don’t have time for that, ya feel? But anyway, I wasn’t sure if I was going to like this one because the cover gave me way too much Twilight vibes and I wasn’t a huge fan of Twilight back then, but this was way better than Twilight for me, so I was glad that I liked it way better. I’m glad that it was way more enjoyable for me.

I read this book three times in a matter of two months (once in December and twice in January if I remember correctly) so clearly this book meant a lot to me. I feel like if there is ever a time that I need to go back to a time where I need to just feel a warm hug about having that summer experience that was a little bit of what I had but not nearly as cool, I’ll go back to read this book. I’m so glad that I had the chance to participate in a live chat with Hing Wen because it was so great hearing from her.

I’ve always been a huge fan of Tea and Fox’s relationship in this novel. I have only read this book twice, and I still need to read the rest of this trilogy (I was supposed to read the second book this month but I couldn’t keep up with my TBR, as usual) but every time I read this book, I am reminded of how much Tea and Fox care about each other and love one another. They truly have each other’s backs and just want to take care of each other. I mean, she did bring her brother back from the dead after all. That is how the book starts, and that’s the biggest form of love I’ve seen.

I remember reading this in one night and I didn’t even realize that I stayed up way past 2am to do so. I was just so immersed in this book and way invested in all of the characters that I forgot where I was for a minute there. I absolutely adored this novel and I really need to go back and read this one again soon.

I’m pretty sure the consensus with this book was mostly positive if I remember correctly, so I’m going to choose this one. I rated it pretty high too if I remember correctly. I did love it when I remember reading it. It wasn’t my absolute favorite or anything, but I did enjoy the storyline, and I liked Louise a lot. Dude man was a little iffy for me only because I didn’t like how he would refer to witches as “it” because he didn’t consider them as human beings, but whatever. He was weird.

I’d have to say this book because Amaya really just kicked ass in this novel. Not only did she somehow survive on a debtor ship for years, she basically grew up there if you want to think about it, but then she had to go through everything else that happened in the actual novel. She would inspire me to get off my butt and figure out how to get off the island. Possibly Jack Sparrow style.

I was supposed to have read this months ago – the TBR pile is killing me – and with all of the raving reviews that I’ve been seeing, I have a feeling that I know I’m going to absolutely adore this novel. There’s no way that this isn’t going to be a 5 star review for me, even if I wasn’t a star giver. Does that make sense? A star giver? Anyway, I have a feeling that I would give this a super high review and I’m thinking that I’m going to love this so much so I think I may need to move this up my timeline.

I’m usually not much of an anthology reader but since vampires are my weakness and so many of these authors are my faves, I am freaking dying to read this one! Like, seriously?! I can’t wait for this!

I was debating on reading this one because it seems like there are a lot of girls in Europe that are up for mysteries and whatever. Whatever I’m trying to say. It kind of just seemed like it wasn’t going to be anything new. But Samm convinced me that this series was going to be super great, so I ended up picking up the first novel, and then I found that I really enjoyed it. I also somehow got a copy of the fifth ARC so I knew that I couldn’t just skip all of the books, so I’m going to make my way through the series and read that ARC.

So I just felt like reading this one because I needed a reread from when I was younger. I forgot how YA used to sound like back in the day and I remember being so in love with this series – even though I didn’t finish the series – and wow some of the things that happened in this book were totally cringey! But it made me laugh thinking about how much this book made me fall in love with vampires so I have to give it some credit. Plus it made me want to go to a vampire school so… yeah.

I remember getting this series back in 2015 on my Kindle (well only the first book) and I absolutely loved it! It was about a girl who was a bruja, and somehow she ended up going to a school full of werewolves! Having a book that was centered about werewolves when vampires were the popular ones was such a cool idea, so I was all for this! And I’m going to go back to this series because the audiobooks for the first three novels are finally available on Audible (which I bought) and the publishers gave me the entire series to read, so you know I gotta do some updated reviews!

Oh man…. I was so freaking scared that things were just going to go to hell for Red because I remember people telling me that Henry is notorious for having some messed up retellings. Plus I was getting pretty close to the ending and it was like… “uhhhhhh why does it seem like there should be something else that should be happening before this ends?! Like what is happening?!” Ugh this book just stressed me out and I was just really scared but I’m glad it was over and I wasn’t too disappointed when it did.

I feel like “hate” is such a strong word, but I feel like a lot of people were super disappointed with this novel and I wasn’t that much of a let down for me. I could see why it was though, but I feel like I could see the good in most books I read – well as much as I can, unless it’s really just terrible. So I’m going to say this one because I didn’t hate this one as much as everyone else did, and I’m interested in seeing the sequel.



Ugh this book was the cutest ever! I love that they started off as friends and then they eventually developed into something more and you could see how attentive Akira was to Kimi and how much he wanted her to believe in herself and see that she was really really close to her dream, and she just needed to see it for herself and OMG I need to write my review for this so I can gush over this properly!

And of course, if you want to do this, take this as me tagging you! If you haven’t read Percy Jackson or the Heroes of Olympus series, you don’t have to worry! These don’t spoil anything from the series, so you should be fine. May did a great job with making sure that she didn’t give anything away.

I finally did something fun on my blog again! This was definitely a nice break from all of the back to back blog tour reviews. Don’t get me wrong, I love writing reviews and I love doing blog tours. Those are my favorite things to partake in, but I think that I need to remember to have some fun again in my life.

I’m pretty sure I made a year on this blog too! I didn’t see a notification or anything come up – I may have missed it though – but I can’t believe it’s already been a year! I know I got back to blogging on May 22, but I don’t remember when I moved over to WordPress so…. yeah oh well. I just made a year so that’s something I should totally celebrate, right? One day!

What should I do to celebrate? I think I moved over to WordPress on June 1st if I’m looking at this correctly. That’s when my posts start looking different. Let me know what you think!

5 thoughts on “The Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus Character Book Tag

  1. My one year blogging anniversary is coming up soon too ☺️☺️☺️💜💙💛❤️


  2. Woohoo! Congrats on a year of blogging 🥳 I totally missed my year anniversary of blogging but I think I probably would’ve liked to do a little giveaway plus a little “looking back at the year” post talking about milestones, favourite posts, things I’ve learned etc! 😊 Also, thanks for tagging me! I haven’t read this series yet but now with all this talk around it again I’m very tempted to give it a try. Great post!


  3. Aww congratulations on a year blogging!! And I can’t wait to find out what you think of Lobizona, it sounds like such a fantastic book. I also seriously can’t wait for that vampire anthology 😍😍


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