Top Ten Tuesday: Favorite Tropes

Top Ten Tuesday: Favorite Tropes

You guys! Don’t you know that I’m the worst at tropes?!

Okay so first, I have some of my favorite tropes on my Friday Favorites post here, so feel free to look at that. I’m gonna do my best to choose totally different tropes as much as possible so it’s not too much of a similar post, but we will see.

  1. Found Families because duh (we just did a post on that one)
  2. Enemies to Lovers to Adversaries (*cough* THIS BOOK THAT RUINED ME)
  3. Long lost friends rekindling their friendship
  4. Women sleuths (does that count as a trope?)
  5. Accidental time travel (a la Kendra Donovan series)
  6. Meet cutes? (*cough* The Flatshare was the best, ngl)
  7. Ordinary girls that become not-so ordinary (Effigies, anyone?)
  8. Mother-Daughter relationships (Joy Luck Club here)
  9. Learning to deal with your grief (How the Light Gets In)
  10. Brother-Sister positive relationships (Before I Disappear)

These totally count right?


But seriously that sass in Daniel Radcliffe back in the day? So proud of that eye roll.

31 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Favorite Tropes

  1. Haha I linked back to the Friday Favorites post we did last month on tropes too! I did a short list then, so I added another five very conventional/common tropes lol love these additional tropes you’ve picked out. Meet cutes are the best and so was Flatshare 😍Also really like the trope of dealing with grief and mother-daughter relationships (though I also like father-son relationships too). Great list, Leelynn!

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    1. Dini! I’m glad I wasn’t the only one that did this! I was trying to figure out why it looked so familiar to me 😉

      I haven’t read a good father-son relationship one yet, but I love those as well. I think I should have said parent-child relationships because sometimes the dad and daughter have a really good relationship as well! Then even the mom and son! Thank you, Dini! Miss you tons.


  2. I mean, I feel like there’s not much I can say here, because obviously, I love aaaall these tropes, too, and for pretty much all the same reasons. xD Stop thinking so much like me. 😛 It’s probably bad for your health.

    Enemies-to-lovers is the best. ❤ I will forever snatch up a book if I know it's got a good slow burn enemies-to-lovers. I feel like women sleuths definitely counts, or it *should* count. I love the dealing with grief books, too, but I really have to be in a certain mood to read it and prepare myself, because I know I'm gonna cry. xD It's inevitable.

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    1. LOLOL. We’ve been talking with each other too much, apparently and now we are starting to mind meld. I totally dig it though. I mean I’ve been saying I wanna be more like you.

      See everyone keeps saying that, but in this one they GO BACK TO BEING ENEMIES. And it breaks my damn heart. Well, it’s a one sided enemy thing I guess but I would have been the same way had I walked in on what she walked in on. That’s all I have to say about thaaaat.

      Oh yeah, I can’t read books that deal with grief just any time of the year. It has to be intentional and I have to be in the right mind to do it.

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      1. Mind melding sounds trippy, but yes! Let’s do it. Don’t mind the cobwebs and random chatter.

        Oh noooo. They’re not supposed to go back. D: That happened in a book I read recently, too, but I have to wait until book three to find out why or what’s going on. =/ Frustrating.

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  3. I wish Mother/Daughter relationships played a bigger role in newer contemporaries! If you’ve never read any Sarah Dessen books, almost ALL of her novels have a central mother/daughter plot! She’s very into writing about family dynamics, especially from a teen perspective!

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      1. She’s honestly the queen of teen contemporary so she’ll fit your reading mood perfectly when you’re feeling like reading contemps! She has a ton of books out though and some are not great, so if you ever decide to pick any of her stuff up, let me know and I can help you find some of her better reads!

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    1. Haha yes I think almost every single person mentioned it on their list, whether it was on the like side or the dislike side lol.

      I think I should have clarified and mentioned a mother/daughter relationship that may start off strained but gets better as they learn how to understand one another.


  4. I am not gonna lie I am a garbage bin on fire when it came to thinking up the tropes for this weeks topic!! My brain was just like, hey girl, I hear you, but also *hangs up sign that says gone fishing* and like, thanks for that brain??? BUT ANYWAYS. Back to your list. YES. I love so many of these but I want to single out FOUND FAMILIES because those are EVERYTHING. Everything! I will forever love it when that trope is involved in something.

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