Circe by Madeline Miller

Circe by Madeline Miller

Title: Circe
Author: Madeline Miller
Genre: Mythology
Format: Hardcover
Length: 385 pages
Publisher: Little, Brown and Company
Publish Date: April 10, 2018
Rating: ★★★★
Recommend: Yes!
Content Disclaimers: Violence, Homosexual Relations,
Bestiality (implied & confirmed), Magic, Killing,
Rape & Attempted Rape, Child Abuse

Okay seriously? Why have we not heard about Circe like this before? I swear, the only Circe I really remember is from Percy Jackson (and not even really), and then when she was in Justice League Unlimited. I was not expecting to like this as much as I did, and now I’m kind of sad that it’s over?! Like… wow?

Circe was born to Helios and Perse. She is technically a Titan because Helios is a Titan, but Perse is a nymph and so her blood isn’t exactly pure, but she’s way stronger than her mother. However, her parents are real jerks because apparently she wasn’t destined to marry an Olympian or whatever, so her mom was like “eh, I’ll make better kids than this one.” Circe is technically the oldest out of her and her three siblings and yet they treat her like she’s trash. Every single day. It’s disgusting. Circe just… wow she grew so much. Her exile was almost a blessing so she could get away from her hateful relatives.

Aeetes is her youngest brother, and in the beginning he was like really loving and super nice to her, and then he freaking ditches her like she’s old news and like, was it all fake? I’m so confused, and it makes me angry because he was her first and only friend and then he just ditched her because he was destined to rule a kingdom and she wasn’t. Like, apparently Titans and Olympians only care about power? But it’s whatever because I don’t even KNOW him from before, so clearly Circe is superior.

Sooooo many Titans and Olympians. Not even worth mentioning in my opinion. There’s like a directory at the end of the book if you’re really interested, but honestly a lot of them come from what we learned in Greek Mythology. It just doesn’t make it Disney-fied like what we want it to be. Trust, these Gods are NOT fun.

Everyone is a bitch to Circe.

That’s literally the plot.

But seriously Circe gets punished because she told the truth about what happened to this other bitch nymph named Scylla (yeah, the monster) and then she’s forced to live in exile for all eternity? But then people like to randomly show up on her island because the rules didn’t say nobody can visit her, she just can’t leave the island. And then the gods start sending their naughty ass daughters to her island and she’s just sick of it. And then men come to the island trying to rape her and that’s why she turns them into pigs, and like. I feel you, Circe. I feel you, Goddess.

Circe is really the only one I liked in this whole book. Maybe Telegonus. Maybe Penelope towards the end. Maybe Telemacus. But for sure Circe. She was just a tender soul and yeah she could be a bad ass witch too but damn it she just wanted to be loved, okay?!

Oh and I loved her growth throughout the novel, and how it didn’t matter how many people would constantly demean her and strike her down, she never gave up. Never faltered. She kept going. That was truly inspiring.

Literally everyone is an asshole to Circe. Especially her shit mother.

I hated everyone. Wow. Poor Circe.

Don’t ever disrespect my girl Circe again.

I’m sorry guys. I know this wasn’t like beautiful or insightful or anything, but I was just pissed at literally every single immortal in this damn book for being a jerk to Circe. Like, she was the only character I rooted for, and honestly I hope that she does end up having a happy ending because she freaking deserves it!

17 thoughts on “Circe by Madeline Miller

  1. Haha I love this review, Leelynn! I totally agree too. Everyone was such a right arse to Circe and it made me so angry. Aeetes REALLY pissed me off though. Like, who does that?! F that idiot!! Grr… But Circe was a wonder. The only thing I struggled with in this book was the pacing, sometimes it felt incredibly slow, but I still loved it a lot! Have you read Song of Achilles?

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    1. Thanks so much! I swear I could not get super serious about this one because I was just so irritated at everyone in this book! Anyone that wasn’t nice to Circe was immediately not on my team lol. Ughhhhh Aeetes pissed me off too! That really hurt me, man. Yeah the pacing was a little weird for sure. Sometimes I felt like hundreds of years would pass by in a wink but then I guess that’s how Circe probably felt since they all just kind of blended in together. No I haven’t yet, but I should be reading that one eventually!


  2. Super excited to read Circe!, I just finished reading The Song of Achilles and enjoyed it very much, so I’m in the mood to continue reading this kind of books soon, I feel that I might like this one even more. 😊
    Amazing review, honey and I’m glad you enjoyed it ❤️

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    1. I feel like I was supposed to have read The Song of Achilles first? Only because everyone read that one first before Circe from what I’ve been hearing lol. I’m just a rebel. I will eventually read The Song of Achilles when I get a chance. Maybe listen to it? Not sure which route I’ll take. I’m glad you enjoyed it though, because that makes me look forward to it more.

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  3. I’ve been contemplating reading this one for a while but didn’t really know anything about it beyond the mythological part and now, thanks to you, I feel like I HAVE to read it. I was so obsessed with mythology when I was younger and I LOVE reading these kinds of books!

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    1. 🥰🥰🥰 Hearing someone wanting to read a book because they read my review seriously makes my day ❤ Thank you so much Brittany! I think I was like you, because I didn't really know about Circe except for the whole "turns men into pigs" thing and that didn't tell me anything about her. I think Miller did an AMAZING job giving her a backstory. I personally loved her, but I feel like it could go either way. People may feel like she's too gullible especially when she's younger, that she's a glutton for punishment, or anything else, but for me I liked seeing her finally stand up for herself and defy the gods. It was really great. I love mythology too! I think I want to find more mythology books that aren't just on Greek or Roman figures. I need some Asian mythology books too and even Latinx mythology!

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      1. I’m honestly SUCH a sucker for women who rebel and stand up for themselves so I really feel like I need to read this ASAP. And you’re so welcome! I honestly had no plans to pick this up before reading your review but now I’m genuinely excited to read it!!!

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  4. Circe- aside from being a Greek myth figure, is part of Homer’s The Odyssey! That’s how Miller came up with the idea I believe. I don’t know if you’ve read The Odyssey, I read parts of it in college and adored it, so it might be worth checking out!

    Great review! I enjoyed this book too, and can’t wait to check out Song of Achilles.

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    1. I didn’t read the entirety of The Odyssey but I did have to read some of it for school, I remember that! Odysseys is mentioned in this story of course – that’s how I remember The Odyssey – but I like that there were so many other people that got to encounter Circe at some point. Well maybe not a WHOLE lot but enough.

      I hope we both like The Song of Achilles!

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