Friday Favorites: Favorite Tropes

Friday Favorites: Favorite Tropes

Thank you so much Kibby @ Something of the Book for hosting Friday Favorites! Thank you also for adding all of the year’s topics to your page so we can try to plan ahead as best as possible. I know I will try to take advantage of that when I’m able to catch up again. Today is my last day of being in Hawaii and I’m honestly so sad! I’m glad that I get to spend some time with my mom and brother today, and we are just relaxing right now watching Legend of Korra while I write this blog. I can’t wait to see them again.

Back when I was roleplaying on Tumblr, someone had posted a master list of all the tropes that literary works can deal with, and man do I wish that I could find that list again. So these are some that I named myself.

  • Enemies turned lovers (sometimes I like that one if it’s done right)
  • Ordinary girl finds out she’s the chosen one
  • Estranged friends coming together after an incident
  • Learning about her culture and appreciating it finally

This was really hard for me honestly. I don’t know if I really have a favorite one, or maybe I just don’t pay attention. What’s on your list?

6 thoughts on “Friday Favorites: Favorite Tropes

  1. There are just SO MANY tropes, and choosing just a few is really hard. Especially for me, because I like tropes if they’re done a specific way, even if they’re favorites. Like you said, hate-to-love is a big one, but only if it’s done a certain way. I LOVE the learning about culture thing or even just finding a place to belong in a society they don’t feel a part of. Great choices!

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