[Tag] The Survive or Die Bookish Tag!

[Tag] The Survive or Die Bookish Tag!

OMG I almost forgot that I was tagged in this, and I’m kind of scared. Do I want my favorite characters to die because they aren’t in their original world?

Thank you SO much to Keri @ Are You My Book? For tagging me in this!!! I’m so glad I get to do something like this and I can’t wait to see what I end up coming up with.

**Not ashamed to say I’ve had this in my drafts since 2019 and I’m only doing it now. YOLO.


1) Link back to the creator (Sapphire’s @ Simply Sapphire Song).
2) Write down seven (or more!!) characters and seven fictional worlds/ settings. (Most use books, but you can do movies/tv shows!)
3) Choose one random character and one random world.
4) Determine whether that character would survive that world/book.
5) Repeat!

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[Tag] Wine All You Want! Not-So-Perfect Book Tag

[Tag] Wine All You Want! Not-So-Perfect Book Tag

Okay so when Susan tagged me in this, I was like…. whoa I get to rant and rang about books that I had an issue with and people are going to actually read it? Freaking sweet!


  1. If possible, try to not mention the same book twice, it’s more fun that way
  2. It’s a funny tag where you can rant about terrible (or just meh) books so have FUN!
  3. Just do whatever you want ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  4. Tag me if you decide to do it, I would love to see your answers (that is the link to Alex’s tag)
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