[Original Tag] Mala Santa Book Tag

[Original Tag] Mala Santa Book Tag

Clearly I’m being braver about creating and sharing original tag ideas, because I have NOT seen this one around and Becky G is one of my all time favorite musical artists in the entire world. This is her new full length album and I’m just so freaking proud of her growth in the ten years of her career! I love this album, I love her personality and just everything about her, so why not celebrate this major move by her by dedicating a book tag in her honor?

I know, totally dorky, but Becky G is my girl, okay? I think I’d literally die happy if I ever got to meet her or go to one of her concerts or something, and I’m just a huge fan. Plus she totally deserves the love for this project, so here it is!


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  3. Feel free to use my graphics or create your own. Credit is appreciated if you do.
  4. Answer the questions as best as you can. No answer is incorrect!
  5. Tag some people to do this tag. No minimum or limit.
  6. You can do some or all of the questions. It’s kind of long so no harm done if you only answer a few of them.
  7. Spread. The. Love.

I feel like AIDAN is the main neither good or bad character because of the whole isn’t a human at all type thing. You know? Also, I’m not screaming his name or anything. AIDAN is AI technology, so that “name” is an abbreviation. You know? Eww why did I say “you know” so much. Also, AIDAN is from Illuminae by Jay Kristoff and Amie Kaufman, if I didn’t already say so.

So it looks like the most that I’ve spent on a book – a single book that I can actually find proof of – was Kingdom Cold by Brittni Chenelle. It was almost $30 because I want to say it combined all three books in that series, and had a new cover? I think it was more the combination though. It was $29.99 plus tax so basically $30.

I don’t really participate in a lot, but I’ve enjoyed all of the ones that I have joined! I would have to say the Hogwarts House Battle, because I am super competitive, and when Ravenclaw won the freaking house cup, I was so freaking excited and proud. I don’t want to say that I’m a sore winner, but I definitely had to rub it in to some of my Hufflepuff friends. Oops.

Oh it’s definitely Vampire Academy. The first one though, since I can’t finish series and all of you freaking know that about me by now.

If I’m so into it, it’s semi short, and I have the time to stay awake and finish it without having to go to work the next day, maybe 4-6 hours? It really depends on the length and how invested I am in the book though, and that’s definitely not my average.

Of course this is all personal opinion, so don’t be getting angry at anyone for being honest! The Shadowhunters TV show is better than City of Bones in my opinion. At least I was able to finish more episodes than chapters. Oh and The 100 TV show was way better than its book to me. Thank goodness the show writers put Octavia in a more prominent role, because she’s my favorite thing about the show.

Omg this is hard. But if ANYONE messes with my girl Stella Lane in ANY FREAKING WAY, I WILL BEAT YOU.

Oh gosh. I know this is going to start fights too so play nice, everyone. I would have to say…. I mean it’s hard to be my BIGGEST because I don’t rank them in any order, but I don’t like the idea of Day and Tess together. I feel like they work better as partners and although there may have been some romantic tension in there at one point, he sees her as his little sister. If he already feels like that about her, then he can’t mess with a good thing.

Oh ouch. I won’t choose the very worst because I’m pretty sure I already talked about it in one of my other posts, but I’m going to pick the second time Silas died, because I felt like he really went against the whole idea of what a demon is supposed to be like, and it just showed a lot of strength in his character. Almost self-sacrificing, and I’ve never known demons to do that often.

Hmm… I want to say enemies to lovers? Nothing is wrong with the trope but I feel like there are SO. MANY. BOOKS. with this trope. Some of them do it really well, and I appreciate that. Other times I feel like they may have tried to hard to make it fit into this trope and the characters just don’t jive that way.

Yeah… I am going to have to say Jenn from She’s the Worst. I just could not get into her head, and reading it, I was like… that was a dumb reason not to say something ahead of time, and just shit on your sister like that. I don’t know. I was bored with her, but also April too. I just didn’t feel attached to either of them, so it made getting through the book a little harder than normal.

This one is hard, but I’m picking Adrian from The Way You Make Me Feel. Talk about a daddy chaser. That’s my new title. Don’t @ me.

Oh wow this is super hard. My first book crush??? I know who my first animated crush was, but as far as books? I want to say maybe it was Harry Potter. Yes, basic bitch, I know but I think it was him. Or Fred. I don’t remember. Maybe Ron? Someone from that world.

Ugh first of all I love this music video so I’m already feeling some romantic vibes with this one. Second, DANI AND CARMEN FROM WE SET THE DARK ON FIRE was litty titty!!! Ugh I wish they didn’t have to stop making out, okay? Loved it so much. It was so sweet and just… yaaaas.

Ugh this music video too, okay! Holy crap. Now, sleeping over with someone doesn’t necessarily mean having sex with them. I kept it clean, okay? So answer it how you will. But I’d totally sleep over with Deja from Pumpkinheads because I think she and I could totally get along. I’d learn a lot from her, like how to love my body.

Dudeeeeee. It’s definitely Alex Claremont-Diaz from Red, White & Royal Blue. He is so freaking extra, and I’m trying to figure out how… yeah. Just kidding, he’s just super extra and acts like the world revolves around him – in a joking way – but it’s like… dude I’m not even that into you so stop it. Let me like you for your intelligence not your sex appeal.

Well this is a bonus question since it’s not technically on the album, but I love this video and I need to include this. I would have to say my guilty pleasure trope is The Chosen One ™ because I totally wish I was one that had to save the world or whatever. Let me enjoy my troupe, okay??

OMG yes! I worked for like a week or so on this one, mostly my answers since I think I did a pretty good job with coming up with the prompts. I hope you guys like this one, and I can’t wait to see how many people end up doing this and all the answers you come up with! See you next time, fam!

7 thoughts on “[Original Tag] Mala Santa Book Tag

  1. Ooh yes, another tag?! You’re amazing, girl! I didn’t even see that I was tagged for this (I’m missing so many notifications somehow lol) but I’m excited! I have a million tags that I haven’t done yet but let’s not focus on that haha I do like Becky G although I haven’t listened to a lot of her songs yet. Mayores might be my favorite though — literally could listen to that song FOREVER and not get sick of it LOL


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