Top Ten Tuesday: Childhood Favorites

Top Ten Tuesday: Childhood Favorites

Can you believe it’s already July? I swear this time on WordPress has been an exhilarating one, and it’s only been a little more than a month since I moved domains! The first T10T post for the second half of the month takes us back in time to our childhood, and I’m going to try to remember what were some of my favorite childhood stories to share with you all. Click on the banner from Jana to visit her page, and see what’s coming next!

While I’m referring to the whole series, I won’t count each book as a separate entry. I feel like this would be cheating because that only leave 3 other books. However, I know I had to put this one first. I grew up reading Harry Potter and I just fell in love with this story. I remember when the movies came out and I just felt like magic was real, that the creators made my fantasies into a reality. I’ll never forget the journeys I went on with these books.

Samurai Girl by Carrie Asai. Oh man, I miss this series so much. I remember finding out that they made a mini TV series about this book series, and I didn’t even finish it because they changed so much of it. But I remember reading this series over and over again, constantly borrowing it from the library because I loved the story of Heaven and how she went from a victim to her own protector.

I grew up reading these stories. Momotaro was one of my favorites, and we even got to do a little performance of the song back in elementary school. I ended up buying this book for my memories since I couldn’t find my original copy from when I was younger.

Oh my gosh. I loved this series so much! (I’m guessing you can see that I have always been a series girl, so this list has way more than 10 single books). I actually need to get these again so I can revisit the girls that shaped my adolescence. I feel like they are so rare though (found most of them on ThriftBooks so thank goodness!) that I may not get the entire series again.

I never finished this series, but I liked this one. It was so interesting and pretty hefty for a middle grade book. Over 400 pages! I actually think I need to find this again so I can refresh my memory.

I never finished this series either, but I remember the first book really pulled me in. Especially the gold cover. I’m a sucker for nice covers, as you very well know.

Percy Jackson and Annabeth really got me into this series and Greek mythology. It may not have been super accurate, but I think that’s what made it fun. They also didn’t hide the fact that not everyone was going to survive, and that was something that we all needed to learn at some point. I will always recommend this series for someone getting their feet wet in reading.

This was one of the first Peter Pan novels that I read when I was younger, and I am actually missing it so much. I never finished it (again, you see I have an issue with finishing series for some reason. It’s like I never want the story to end?) but this one was soooooo interesting! Definitely check this one out if you find a copy at your local library.

I honestly don’t remember how I came across this series, but I mean: vampires and pirates? Sign me the heck up. I think I only finished the first book because my library never had the rest by the time I moved, but I really want to get back into this series again. It was really interesting.

Last but certainly not least, this hefty series was one that I could not get enough of, but still never ended up finishing it. I recently restarted this series again last year, and I made it Book 8. I’ll make sure that I finish the rest before I turn 30 (don’t read into that. I just want a deadline).

Phew! That was a hard one! I really had to dig deep to try to remember what I used to read, whether I finished them or not, and what I missed about them. I don’t think I really got into why I loved them so much, but I’ll just have to reread them again to feel that magic again. What’s on your list? Did you have to dig deep into your memory banks like I did? Until next time!

30 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Childhood Favorites

  1. Harry Potter for the win! I never finished the Lemony Snicket series either — I think I read the first 3, but just didn’t feel the need to go on. (Then again, I was reading them as an adult — maybe the magic was just lost on me?).

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    1. As an adult I forced myself to get to the 8th book and I just honestly felt terrible at everything the Baudelaires had to go through. I’m like “man they can never get a darn break!” lol. I’m kind of afraid that the last book is going to be similar since there are no happy endings.


  2. Peter and the Starcatchers has such an amazing cover, and I’ve seen it at bookstores too and it always catches my eye. I should get it. I’ve never read Artemis Fowl either…

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  3. I’ve re-read Harry Potter and watched the movies multiple times. Waiting until my memory fades a bit so I can go through them again. Rick Riodan’s books were awesome, too. I’m going to go see if I can find my copy of Japanese Children’s Favorite Stories or whether I donated it.

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  4. I think I found a copy of Artemis Fowl lying around my house one day (still have no idea why, I was literally the only person there who read that genre) and had to sneak a few looks inside because of the draw of that cover alone.

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  5. Harry Potter is definitely one of my favorite childhood reads. It stretched onto my teenage years so idk how much it counts, but I counted it anyway lol. I read the Percy Jackson first two books not long ago and I’m sure I would’ve loved the, as a child. Awesome post!

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    1. Totally counts ❤ I think it did for me too. I think I was around 11 when the first movie came out, so I felt like I was growing up with them, and I forget what books were out by the time the first movie came out so it totally counts lol. Thank you! I still need to read the spin off series for Percy Jackson but I remember reading the first spin off and it was amazing.


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