Friday Favorites: Books from Childhood

Friday Favorites: Books from Childhood

The one thing about having a lot of lists to make on a blog is that sometimes the lists can end up repeating themselves. Nothing wrong with that really, but it may happen on occasion. I think there have been a few posts where we talked about our childhood favorites from other weekly meme, and so I’ll include those posts below for you to check out! Maybe I’ll include my childhood favorite TV shows and movies so this post can have some stuff about me you probably didn’t know!

Thanks so much to Kibby @ Something of the Book for hosting this meme.

So like I mentioned, I’ve had to think about my childhood favorites on at least one occasion.

One was for Top Ten Tuesday and apparently that was it, so yeah! I swear there was at least one more but apparently I’m going crazy, so honestly what else is new!

But like I mentioned, I’ll mention some of my favorite shows and movies growing up because I love to reminisce on what I used to watch.

A Goofy Movie

OMG this movie though! I died watching it all the time. Power line was the shiiiiiiiz, brah. And Roxanne was so pretty, and my mom’s name is Roxanne so we would all pretend like that was her lol. Lame.

Bruh, this was one of the first shows that I really felt taught me about female empowerment and having the girls save the world rather than rely on the guys. Plus I always wanted to be as smart as Sailor Mercury and have long hair and fire powers like Sailor Mars.


I don’t care that Misty was always yelling at Brock, this was my show! Ugh I wished so much that I didn’t have to go to school and I could just travel the world learning more about Pokemon and becoming a Pokemon master! I would have been one way earlier than Ash, lemme tell you.


This was the one Disney princess that I identified with growing up. Sure, Jasmine was a close one, and even Pocahontas, but I’ll never forget how excited I was to watch this movie and feel like I could be like Mulan one day.

I guess that’s really it! I mean, my mom was pretty strict on me not watching movies, playing outside, or anything really on school nights. I just did homework, which was fine with me because I was a nerd and absolutely loved school and homework. Friday and Saturday were my days to have fun, and even then I feel like I didn’t really want to. I feel like that now sometimes! Oops.

5 thoughts on “Friday Favorites: Books from Childhood

  1. Yeeeeesss. This was my whole childhood!! I wanted to be Mars when I was a kid. How could I have overlooked Jupiter and Mercury??

    I haaaated Ash, but I also shipped him with Misty? So many emotions associated with Pokemon.

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    1. I love the original 5 (well more like the original 3, but when Jupiter came on the scene, I loved her so much). That was who I was used to before the other three came along and I didn’t get to watch much with them in the show.

      hahahhaha yeah Ash and Misty were feisty and seemed to work well together somehow.

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      1. The original three do get a lot more screen time than the others. Especially Venus. She’s barely there.

        Ash and Misty might be my favorite hate-to-love couple? Geez, childhood is a powerful thing.

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