Year of the Asian 2019 Challenge

Year of the Asian 2019 Challenge

So I came across this exciting and well deserved challenge from Maria at Drizzle and Hurricane Books and thank you so much to the amazing bloggers CW, Lily, Shealea and Vicky at The Quiet Pond for creating this challenge! I wish I came across it back in January, but it is what it is.

This post is going to be a little different, because this will serve as my challenge tracker for the remaining of the year. For the most part (unless a blog tour I’m participating in is happening) this will be the top post so we can keep track of my progress together. There’s too much blog posts that I need to stick at the top for me to remember to come back to this one, so I’ll just update it after I finish reading a book that matches for this challenge. That works better.

This one is definitely going to be a challenge that will be near and dear to my heart, coming from an Asian blogger (despite not looking Asian at all) and always wanting to expand my Asian literature in my life. I always get so excited when I see a book that’s about an Asian character, or has Asian mythology and culture as the huge part of the book. Whenever someone asks me what I am, Japanese was always the first ethnicity I stated, because I’m so proud to be Japanese. I wish I was fluent, I wish I grew up completely Japanese, but I’m proud to be who I am.

Since I’m still working on reading more again, I’m going to go with the lowest level of the Philippine tarsier (1-10 books read). This will at least get my feet wet and hopefully enable me to find more books with Asian influences. So let’s see how I do!

Books Read for YARC

  1. Shatter Me – Tahereh Mafi
  2. The Novice – Taran Matharu
  3. The Night Tiger – Yangsze Choo
  4. Want – Cindy Pon
  5. Legend – Marie Lu
  6. The Kiss Quotient – Helen Hoang
  7. The Athena Protocol – Shamim Sarif
  8. Crier’s War – Nina Varela
  9. The Never Tilting World – Rin Chupeco
  10. The Way You Make Me Feel – Maureen Goo

  1. Bollywood Wives – Alex Khan
  2. Prodigy – Marie Lu
  3. The Light at the Bottom of the World – London Shah
  4. Champion – Marie Lu
  5. The Sword of Kaigen – M.L. Wang
  6. The Island of Sea Women – Lisa See
  7. Loveboat, Taipei – Abigail Hing Wen
  8. Everything I Never Told You – Celeste Ng

11 thoughts on “Year of the Asian 2019 Challenge

  1. This is a great challenge! I have two nationalities as well, so I definitely understand how you feel. Good luck, I’m sure you’ll do great ๐Ÿ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

    1. This is going to be my first big challenge in a long time. I’m definitely appreciating your support because I feel like I quit halfway through (which I guess by starting halfway through the year, I can’t back out anymore lol). Thanks so much โค


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