[Tag] The Survive or Die Bookish Tag!

[Tag] The Survive or Die Bookish Tag!

OMG I almost forgot that I was tagged in this, and I’m kind of scared. Do I want my favorite characters to die because they aren’t in their original world?

Thank you SO much to Keri @ Are You My Book? For tagging me in this!!! I’m so glad I get to do something like this and I can’t wait to see what I end up coming up with.

**Not ashamed to say I’ve had this in my drafts since 2019 and I’m only doing it now. YOLO.


1) Link back to the creator (Sapphire’s @ Simply Sapphire Song).
2) Write down seven (or more!!) characters and seven fictional worlds/ settings. (Most use books, but you can do movies/tv shows!)
3) Choose one random character and one random world.
4) Determine whether that character would survive that world/book.
5) Repeat!

So clearly my brain refuses to work this year so I had to go back and reread Keri’s post ten thousand times. I think I’ve figured out what I was going to do: I’ll pick a character from a book, and pair them with a TV/movie world. If it’s a TV/movie character, I’ll choose a random book world. I think that works. I don’t know if I can do all seven but I’ll try!

Also I spent way too long thinking about how to be creative with this one, so hopefully it comes out the way I was thinking about.

Fanart by: @offrostandflames on IG
  • Name: Tarisai of Swana
  • Pronouns: She/Her
  • Origin: Raybearer
  • Creator: Jordan Ifueko
  • Abilities: Steal Memories
  • Assigned World: Sunnydale, California (USA)
  • “Behold What is Coming”

I would call Tarisai a formidable character, especially when she finally starts to understand who she is. Who knows? Maybe she would have been a Slayer if she had the chance. Since I’m not including the rest of her council siblings with her, I think she may feel somewhat alone without them, but I still think she would be able to work well with the Scoobies… you know. After Buffy gets over her “I’m the REAL Slayer” mentality. She was like that with Kendra hard core and that was annoying but whatever.

VERDICT: Survive

Fanart by Nicole Deal on Twitter
  • Name: Bree Matthews
  • Pronouns: She/Her
  • Origin: Legendborn
  • Creator: Tracy Deonn
  • Abilities: Legendborn Descendant of [REDACTED]
  • Assigned World: Republic City (LOK Universe)
  • “They that would be a leader, let them be a bridge.”

I wanted to see Bree adapt to a somewhat more modern world than what Aang and the Gaang went through, but also not as modern as what she’s used to back in North Carolina. What kind of bender would she be? Maybe a fire bender, because of the blue and red flames that surround her in the cover? Maybe not a bender at all, and is like a Kyoshi warrior that uses their strength and strategy to survive. I wonder what she would think about the discrimination between benders and non-benders. Would she agree with Amon? Would she stand with Korra and the Krew? Either way, Bree is all about survival and I think she would be able to survive in this strange world.

VERDICT: Survive

Fanart by Jewelle on IG
  • Name: Juliette Cai
  • Pronouns: She/Her
  • Origin: These Violent Delights
  • Creator: Chloe Gong
  • Abilities: Heir to the Scarlet Gang
  • Assigned World: 90’s Tokyo (Sailor Moon)
  • “…when you assume someone cannot speak English right off the bat, they tend to make fun of you.”

Honestly, I feel like Juliette would be tired of everyone’s shit if she stayed there for very long. Sure, there aren’t any gangs with a long history of feuding between one another… and sure maybe the monsters in 1920’s Shanghai aren’t the same as the ones the Sailor Scouts deal with on a regular basis. Would Juliette even be a fellow Sailor Scout? I highly doubt it. No, I think she would use her skills to hustle the Negaverse monsters and figure out what’s what before the first couple of episodes. Oh wait…

VERDICT: Survive

  • Name: Spencer Reid
  • Pronouns: He/Him
  • Origin: Criminal Minds
  • Portrayed By: Matthew Gray Gubler
  • Abilities: Eidetic memory, Genius
  • Assigned World: Near-Future Tokyo (Warcross by Marie Lu)
  • “Do you mind if we swing by a bookstore? I want to re-read ‘Empty Planet’ before we meet with the author. I haven’t read it since I was six.”
Fanart by Karina S. on ArtStation

I think I’m being way too easy on my characters because I don’t want any of them to die! I figured that Spencer would find the world of Warcross fairly interesting since it’s so technologically advanced from what he deals with on a daily basis. It makes me wonder whether he would learn more about video game systems and mind control technology… I wonder what he would do with that kind of power…

VERDICT: Survive

  • Name: Nikita
  • Pronouns: She/Her
  • Origin: Nikita
  • Portrayed By: Maggie Q
  • Abilities: Martial Arts, Spying, Assassination
  • Assigned World: Moray (Scavenge the Stars by Tara Sim)
  • “I was the first recruit to get out. I’m going to make certain I’m not the last.”
Could NOT find any fanart of Moray or Scavenge the Stars 😦

Nikita is a very resourceful character, but she also likes her toys. Toys meaning weapons. Have you seen the kinds of guns she usually has on hand with her? She’s skilled at just about any kind of weapon and her fighting skills are on point. However, I don’t know how she would be in the past, with not so great weapons and not being able to travel as quickly to different countries undetected. Now, that doesn’t mean that I don’t think she can handle it, but it may need a little more finagling on her end.

VERDICT: Survive

  • Name: An-Mei
  • Pronouns: She/Her
  • Origin: The Joy Luck Club
  • Creator: Amy Tan
  • Portrayed By: Lisa Lu
  • Assigned World: Jeju Island, Korea (The Island of Sea Women by Lisa See)
  • “Your life is what you see in front of you.”

You’re damn right An-Mei will survive anything that comes at her. I think she would survive having to be a woman diver in Jeju island. It’s hard work and unrelenting, but An-Mei has always been strong.

VERDICT: Survive

Yeah yeah, I had all of my characters survive in other worlds, but I can’t kill off any of my favorite characters! No shame here. I think they can all be adaptable in new worlds so that’s why they can all survive. Honestly, it was hard being creative and trying to pick different characters and different worlds, but I think I did okay. I only got up to six though since I wanted it to be equal – Three book characters and three TV/Movie characters. I think it balanced out well.

2 thoughts on “[Tag] The Survive or Die Bookish Tag!

  1. BAHAHA OMG, I completely forgot about this bookish tag, but I’m so glad to see that you decided to do it! 🥰
    I LOVE how you created character ID cards! They’re so cool! Tbh I’m not familiar with any of these characters, but I adored seeing you discuss the Buffy universe, ATLA, and Warcross! (wow that gif of Republic City weirdly hit me in the feels?!?)
    Lol, I totally get the inclination to have all your characters survive! No ‘killing your darlings’ here! 😆


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