Goodreads Monday – The Theft of Sunlight by Intisar Khanani

Goodreads Monday – The Theft of Sunlight by Intisar Khanani

Yes, if you saw my Sunday Post from yesterday, you would have seen that I shared this song for you with a Spotify link. It is actually a really cool song and even though there were some lyrics that were super sad – I mean it is based off of what happened in 2020 after all – the beat was pretty damn sweet and it just felt like the best anthem for how this year turned out to be.

Shout out to the last Monday of 2020, and good riddance right? Possibly. Today, since I’ve been listening to Thorn by Intisar Khanani as a reread before the year is up, I wanted to share news of the sequel that is coming in the future! Super excited to read this as well as the prequel story to Thorn, which I think may be on the copy of the audiobook that I’m listening to with my library!

Thanks to Dini @ Dini Panda Reads, I’m adding Goodreads Monday to my weekly meme schedule, and I’m excited to do this one. This weekly meme was started by @Lauren’s Page Turners and it invites you to pick a book from your TBR and explain why you want to read it.

The Theft of Sunlight

by Intisar Khanani
Series: Dauntless Path #2
Publisher: HarperTeen
Release Date: March 23, 2021
Genre: YA Fantasy

I did not choose this fate. But I will not walk away from it.

Children have been disappearing from across Menaiya for longer than Amraeya ni Ansarim can remember. When her friend’s sister is snatched, Rae knows she can’t look away any longer – even if that means seeking answers from the royal court, where her country upbringing and clubfoot will only invite ridicule.

Yet the court holds its share of surprises. There she discovers an ally in the foreign princess, who recruits her as an attendant. Armed with the princess’s support, Rae seeks answers in the dark city streets, finding unexpected help in a rough-around-the-edges street thief with secrets of his own. But treachery runs deep, and the more Rae uncovers, the more she endangers the kingdom itself.

Well first of all, I really enjoyed Thorn. I may not have been familiar with the original tale of The Goose Girl, but I personally loved this retelling of the story. Khanani is already on my auto-buy shortlist after reading this novel, and I’ve been ready for most of her novels. This just happens to be another one that I’m super excited for, especially since it’s a sequel to Thorn, even if it doesn’t revolve around Princess Allyra directly, it’s going to be so nice to see her again!

I’m super interested in seeing what Rae is going to be like, and how her relationship with Allyra is going to be when it comes to Rae’s mission of finding her friend’s sister. I wonder what kind of dark secrets about Menaiya they are going to find out.

Also, don’t you just love Rae’s full name? Amraeya ni Ansarim. I think it looks beautiful, and I can’t wait to hear if I’m pronouncing it the way that I think it is supposed to sound. I wonder who is going to be the narrator as well!

Now I know that I had the opportunity to read Thorn as part of a previous blog tour, and I don’t know if there’s going to be one for this novel, but honestly I would love to see if anyone ends up doing on. I hope that others enjoy this story as much as I have so far, and maybe I’ll get to see some reviews from fellow bloggers on The Theft of Sunlight!

What about you? Have you read Thorn? Will you read The Theft of Sunlight? Let me know!

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