Top Ten Tuesday: Love Freebie

Top Ten Tuesday: Love Freebie

Am I actually setting up a Top Ten Tuesday post after three full months of not participating? I’m freaking shocked, and I bet you are too! But yes, I figured that since I hadn’t been doing many weekly memes lately, and I wanted to break up the blog tours that I’ve been doing – but apparently I’m still on a semi/mini-hiatus? someone please explain that to me – I figured I might as well get back on the T10T bandwagon. These always were the ones that got the most engagement because it’s so popular, and I totally missed blog hopping and seeing all the T10T posts, so might as well!

So of course I come back on a freebie week, which of course I suck at doing so I have no idea what I plan on doing honestly.

I think – which I’m pretty sure I may have seen someone else do this but I can’t think of anything else! – I’m going to do my top ten friendship loves, meaning there may or may not be any romantic undertones, but they have a friendship kind of love that I wish I had in my life.

Darcy and Marisol have such a great friendship and I just cannot get over how freaking loving and supportive Marisol has been for Darcy for the amount of years they have known one another. Seriously, if I had to pick, I’d wish for Marisol to be my best friend.

Kimberly and Annette. I was honestly so proud of Annette for being a decent ass human being – yes apparently I have low standards sometimes – but I just really appreciated the fact that even though everyone else was ostracizing Kimberly for being “fresh off the boat” Chinese, Annette didn’t even let that phase her and helped her out.

Lou and CoCo. Oh my freaking gosh these two ladies are my fave! I love how Cosette (Coco) didn’t leave Lou all by herself at the hands of those people who’s name I forget, and yeah. She had such a great disguise and everything. I just loved this friendship.

Ever and Sophie! I was so happy that Sophie pretty much took Ever under her wing and treated her like instant family. Honestly that was something that I was low key worried about for Ever when she had to go to Loveboat, but then like immediately she made a friend and the rest was history. I was just very happy with them, even though there were some off moments like all friendships.

Stella and Poe. I know that their friendship may not have been one that was even possible if they weren’t both extremely sick for the majority of their lives, but I still really liked the bond that they had and that we got to see throughout this novel. I really feel like they cared about one another.

And yes I totally didn’t end up doing all 10 because I just could not do it tonight. Plus, I wanted to have all my blog posts set up for tomorrow so I could study for my Chemistry test that’s happening on Saturday. So we’ll see if I make another meme blog post or something this week, but until then, I missed all my T10T fam!

11 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Love Freebie

  1. I LOVE this friendship love list. I’m not always a fan of romantic relationships in books but really enjoy reading about other types of close relationships. Thanks for sharing!

    My TTT.


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