#BEAutumn2019 Series: Monster Mash

#BEAutumn2019 Series: Monster Mash

Thank you to Sam @ Fictionally Sam and Clo @ Cuppa Clo for hosting this year’s Bookending Autumn 2019 series! Click on the Bookending Fall Icon to see the announcement page.

Today’s prompt is hosted by Haley @ The Caffeinated Reader! 🥰

What’s your favorite ‘monster’ in a book, and what’s a favorite book with said fave monster?

Ok I swear I did something like this earlier, but I don’t remember. Maybe I’ll find it later or something, but let’s talk about my favorite monsters in books and which books have them.

Oh wait I found it! It was for BEAutumn, and it was the Loving the Monster post, that I’ll include here.

Similar, but not exactly the same, so that works.


I personally love vampires. I’m a basic bitch, okay? I have no shame in that. I think when it comes to books, I absolutely love seeing different takes of how authors can “revamp” the mythology of vampires or at least give a fresh take on making sure that they aren’t complete copies.

You guys know I love this series so I’ll always include it. Sorry, not sorry, fam.

I’m a basic bitch for this series too, and I’ll always include it when I talk about vampire books. Yolo.

This book was refreshing. Honestly I wouldn’t have guessed that this book was about vampires until I read more about it – before I actually read it, I mean. I think this one should be given a try at least.


I don’t always read about werewolves, but there is one particular series that I freaking LOVE that is about werewolves and I will always recommend it. I’m so thankful to the author for sending me the entire series as well, so I can make my way through them all and continue to gush about it. I plan on doing that here on my blog – possibly rerereading the first book as well and updating my review so I can go back into this world and see how much my review skills may have changed since then.

This series, fam! This series is lit. Try it! There are paperback copies out there, but they are also available on Kindle, so if you want to try it out, go there first!

This was the second book that I read that deals with werewolves, and honestly the twist that Stiefvater took with their curse was super interesting. I wasn’t in love with the books by all means, but I think that you should give it a try. It’s a series though, and I think I only read the first two books. I wasn’t into trying to read the third one because it wasn’t about the two main characters from the first two. I don’t know. Maybe I’ll try again.

Sirens / Killer Mermaids

I personally need to read more about sirens and killer mermaids, but I at least have one book that I want to read about it!

I’m actually kind of scared to read this one because like… killer mermaids and stuff. But I kept hearing that it’s so good and I plan on listening to it. Seriously I hope I don’t give myself nightmares though.

I mean I think this one isn’t super about mermaids, since it’s supposed to be like an origin story about Ursula and all that, but I’m gonna include it here anyway. It says mermaid on the cover, and when you look it up on Goodreads, it’s categorized under mermaid novels. So there you go.

I remember reading this in exchange for a review a few years ago, and I think Valfroy did a great job with this origin story. I liked this one a lot, so if you can find a copy of it, I recommend trying it out. Also she actually is a mermaid, or at least starts off as one.

This was fun, guys! Sorry it’s so late though. I didn’t realize that I didn’t end up finishing the entire month of planning these out, but I think I’m okay with doing them a day at a time now that the month is close to being over.

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