Sunday Post – October 6, 2019

Sunday Post – October 6, 2019

Yay for another Sunday Post! I know that these are super long, but I love them so much. I’m kind of digging that they aren’t really focused on books, you know? Because apparently I have a life outside of books and work and work and sleep. I guess so, anyway. Sometimes I like to have fun!

Well no, I like to have a lot. I just don’t have fun very often. Or maybe not as often as I’d like. That’s going to change though, shouldn’t it?

The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by Caffeinated Book Reviewer. It’s a chance to share news about the past week, reading recaps, new hauls, and more.

Seriously I need to get it together because honestly I keep putting off all of my ARCs for my library books because of their deadlines, but are they even that important? Maybe I should just take a picture of all the books I still have that I haven’t read yet, and then just return them and borrow them one at a time. Now that I know how to suspend a hold, I can do that instead so I’m not getting too many books at once? That’s a novel idea I would say.

Also I’m sorry, but I’m going to be the same list of books for my backlisted ARCs for now. Sorry for the repetition.

  • Valley Girls – Sarah Nicole Lemon
  • Book of Souls – Nadine Nightingale
  • Blood Will Out – Jo Treggiari
  • Feminism from A to Z – Gayle E Pittman
  • Fat Girl on a Plane – Kelly deVos
  • Dark Retribution – B. R. Stateham (10/7)
  • Empire’s Daughter – Marian L. Thorpe (10/10)
  • Fiona and the Whale – Hannah Lynn (10/13)
  • The Never Tilting World – Rin Chupeco (10/15 & 10/17)
  • Smarter Than a Monster – Brandon Mull (10/15)

I’m loving the seasonal posts that I’ve been doing – although this reminds me that I need to finish the rest of the month out because I only got to the 15th I think. And believe it or not, this is the most preparation ahead of time that I’ve ever done for this blog! Again, so proud. Have to give myself a pat on the back for all my small accomplishments, and that is definitely one of them. I’ll do the rest soon though. I swear.

In the meantime, this was my favorite post that I did so far because I low-key got to share my photos from the past and call myself cute from back then.

#BEAutumn2019 Series: Loving the Monster

I think I said I was a broke bitch and I was supposed to stop buying books but apparently I have a spending addiction – this is totally true honestly, I need to get that looked at – and I ended up getting some more. Not all of them came in today, and I did really good with not buying so many books, but I still really, really need to stop buying books honestly. One day, one day. Or at least limit how many books I buy at a time or in a month. I’ll figure it out.

In the meantime, let’s check out my hauls, shall we?

City of Ghosts and Pumpkinheads are for a Goodreads Book Club that I volunteered to be a discussion leader for – again I keep volunteering for stuff involving reading like I have so much time on my hands. Why do I do this to myself?

The Merciful Crow was also one for that book club but it’s a Book of the Month for November so that’s fine. My library didn’t have it so I wanted to have some time to read it before I lead a discussion. Also, you know I had to get The Good Luck Girls! And when War Girls comes out, I’m getting that too.

Okay I was NOT expecting The (Other) F Word or A Bond Undone, and when I got them in the mail, I was so surprised! I was so happy! I bought the first book in the Legends of the Candor House and I preordered this one, so imagine my delight when I got a copy super early? Also, Oasis was the one that I won from Shealea, and I’m so glad it came in! I’m excited to read them all.

Honestly I’m just so tired and a huge stressball lately. I’m still working with my CPAP machine but the last time I remembered, I woke up at 3 in the morning and couldn’t go back to sleep with the machine on. Apparently I only used it for four hours. It’s the daily minimum anyway, so at least that worked. Not to mention I have been using it every day so I know that my insurance is going to still pay for it.

Other than that, some stuff is stressing me out at work but I think that things are going to be okay. I’m just going to try to stay positive about it, and I got what I needed to do for a certain event coming up done, so I just need to see how it comes out. I’ll be okay.

I feel like I complain a lot on here, but I think it’s just me trying to vent because I don’t really talk to other people in my physical space. Weird terminology for it, but I think you know what I mean. I don’t mean to complain though, trust me. I’m sorry if it feels like I am.

Oh man apparently I’ve been on a movie binge lately, trying to rewatch my favorite stuff over and over so I can relive certain memories. It’s been great! Just the kind of break that I needed for a bit. Although my head is still killing me even as I type this so… I don’t know.

The Two Towers and The Return of the King are on Netflix US right now, and you best believe I had a mini marathon. The Battle of Helm’s Deep is seriously one of my favorite battle scenes of all freaking time, and I just loved it. I’m so glad that they at least have these two. I remember when they had The Fellowship of the Ring on Netflix and I was waiting for the rest of the trilogy, and then they take it off. Seriously? Do they not want us to watch all three movies at once?


And of course I had to watch both Charlie’s Angels movies in preparation for the remake. I have always loved these two movies. I loved the chemistry between Drew Barrymore, Lucy Liu and Cameron Diaz during both movies, and the friendship that Dylan, Alex and Natalie had was just my absolute favorite. Alex was always my favorite Angel as well, and I’m so glad that the remake has more POC rep honestly. I’m so down for it, even though some people seem to think it’s cheesy. I’m going to support it.

Alex is freaking QUEEN.

I don’t really have a playlist on repeat this week, but a favorite music video. So I’m going to share that since it’s still music related! Well, it’s actually multiple music videos but I’ll just share one. Can’t show all my cards in the deck yet. Whatever that means.

OMGGGGGG this song and this video is freaking amazing! I love Jessi so much. I’m glad I discovered her music finally. Took me long enough, and her comeback is freaking amazing too. Yaaaaas B.

Well. I guess that’s it for the week. I’m curious to see what ends up happening during the work week. I have a meeting on Monday that I’m kind of nervous about because I’m just an anxious mess all the time. I’m hoping and praying that everything goes well though, because it should be okay. I just stress out about nothing most times and try to hide it apparently.

But I can’t wait to see what kind of books I finish this week! Hopefully it’s a good week.

6 thoughts on “Sunday Post – October 6, 2019

  1. Ok so.apparently we all got a bond undone, I am just the only idiot that doesnt know anything about it lol. The publisicist is going to think I’m a complete ass.

    I did that once… remember when I told you I hit the limit of library books that the st Louis library system would let me take out? I had to make it stop. So I took a picture of my book shelf (,> think I was doing it to make me feel like I had a book shelf) so I would remember what I had and started returning things.

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    1. Awww man I was hoping I was special when I got it =/ LOL jk jk. I can’t wait to hear what the publicist says to your email though. I’m so curious.

      Yes I remember! I may need to do that this time actually. I feel like I’m not going to get to a lot of them again. But I don’t remember what I borrowed the last time since my library isn’t showing me my checkout history for some reason.


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