Friday Favorites: Characters Other People Hate

Friday Favorites: Characters Other People Hate

Hmmmm this is interesting. Especially since I don’t think I know who everyone really hates, really. I feel like I stay away from the haters. Just kidding. I hope I don’t lose friends over these choices!

Thanks as always to Kibby @ Something of a Book for hosting this weekly series!

Also don’t mind me, but I’m not keeping this to books because that’s hard for me.

Jason Stackhouse from True Blood

Sometimes he’s a big dumb dumb and even he irritates me, but I just can’t help but feel like for the most part, he’s just trying to do his best in the world. Then again, I didn’t finish the series (what else is new) so I don’t know how his story progresses or anything.

Maggie Vera from Charmed 2018

I feel like a lot of people don’t like Maggie because she’s focused on sororities and living a life outside of being a Charmed one, but I think that’s what I really love about her. Idk she’s one of my favorite characters in the entire series so whatever. Leave Maggie alone.

Piper Halliwell from Charmed 1998

I also feel like a lot of people didn’t really like Piper because after Prue died, she really didn’t want to continue being a Charmed one. I mean, can you blame her? Her big sister died fighting the forces of evil and they were still expected to go on saving the world. Not to mention she had to transition from being the middle sister to the older sister, and somehow learn to accept that her and Phoebe had a half sister that they never knew about. That’s a lot of pressure.

Dean Thomas from the Harry Potter series

Honestly I feel like since Dean didn’t get much screen or page time that I remember, that was really worth mentioning, he’s kind of overlooked. Plus, Ron starts to hate on him because he starts to date Ginny, and like bruh. That’s not cool. Let your sister snog who she wants to, ya feel?

Alina Starkov from the Grisha Trilogy

Granted, I only read the first book, but I didn’t find her too irritating like some people did. I don’t know. Maybe I just haven’t gotten to that part yet? Who knows?

Who knows? I may be missing some people from this list, or maybe I included characters that people don’t actually hate and I’m just cray. Who knows? Let me know who’s on your list though, or if you “hate” any of these characters!

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