Friday Favorites: Unfinished Series

Friday Favorites: Unfinished Series

So basically this is all my series because I have an issue finishing any series these days.

Thanks again so much to one of my favorite people in the entire world: Kibby @ Something of the Book for hosting this weekly meme. I love that I don’t have to have a certain amount of favorites, and it’s so chill and relaxing and wraps up the end of the work week very nicely. Thank you Kibby for everything you do!

It’s only unfinished because I can’t handle what happened to Dmitri in like… maybe the third book or something? I’ll eventually finish it, whatever.

The only way that this one will be finished is if Madigan gave permission to someone in her family maybe to finish this series since she passed away shortly after this was published. It even sounded like there was going to be a sequel but alas, we cannot write stories from beyond.

Unless someone tells me that [REDACTED] is actually alive, I’m not going to go into this and break my heart all over again. I just can’t.

The end of this one blew me away, and like… I don’t know if I want to keep going? I mean of course I want to see what ends up happening but I just can’t deal with this heartache. If books can stop breaking my heart, I’d greatly appreciate it.

I know, I know. Short list today, but my head is still killing me and I swear my medicine last night gave me a weird reaction. I felt like I couldn’t move, and pretty much had to climb up the stairs so I wouldn’t fall from being so dizzy. That was fun.

20 thoughts on “Friday Favorites: Unfinished Series

    1. Awww I’m so bummed to heart that, Kirsty! Although I will say that Scythe is a hit or miss for a lot of people, so I’m not surprised just bummed. I loved the first one, I’m just avoiding the second and third one because I can’t finish series to save my life. I think you should try it when you’re in the mood for a dystopia, you know?


    1. I definitely will. I bought the entire series box set for that reason. I think I just need to find time to read it when I’m not on a deadline for other books (so I need to stop requesting ARCs for the rest of the year or something lol). I heard a lot of people liked Bloodlines! I have the first book for whenever I finish VA so we’ll see if I end up reading it!


  1. Finishing series is hard when your attention span is short and there are so many shiny new books, so I hear you. xD

    I can’t wait to start Nevernight. I’m so ready for my feels to be broken! But listen. Girl. You NEED to read Thunderhead. Seriously. Yes, there will be so many feels, and you’ll sulk in the corner and scream at the sky and throw things in anger. Obviously. BUT IT WAS SO WORTH IT. I even tiny screamed at the big reveal at the end, and I just … I can’t even. You need to read it! The Toll comes out in November, and I’ve already prepared myself because I know I’ll probably just disintegrate into dust from all the feels by the time it’s over.

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    1. Sammie, this is why you totally get me! I need to stop with the FOMO or something, and get to my backlisted novels, for real for real.

      Ughhhhh okay I’ll read Thunderhead. Maybe for your birthday or something so you won’t know until I say something about it lol. Nevernight really did end up breaking my heart. At least a couple parts, not the entire thing. I think I’m kind of all for killing and assassin training and stuff. Is that scary? I don’t know!

      So basically if I don’t hear from you at all in November, that’s why lol. I’ll be on the lookout then.

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      1. I don’t want to talk about backlisted books. They might hear me and start a revolution. xD Shhhh. I feel like I need, like, a month of just reading backlist novels, where I have almost no ARCs and new releases to deal with.

        OMG THAT WOULD BE THE BEST BIRTHDAY PRESENT! Yes. And then message me, so we can be broken together. ❤

        Nah, that's totally normal. Who doesn't like assassins and stabby stuff? Come on!

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  2. GIRL, read Godsgrave. Right now. Do it!!! I can guarantee that you won’t be disappointed 🙃😉😃AND ALSO, what Sammie said: read Thunderhead!! Because it’s just soo good and even though it might bring you more heartache than Scythe did, it is SO worth it. Or at least, I hope it will be when The Toll comes out so soon!!! 😂😍

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