[Original Tag] Lost Girl Book Tag

[Original Tag] Lost Girl Book Tag

Hey fam! I’ve really wanted to create an original book tag, and I have been rewatching Lost Girl for a while now, and I figured, why not do a Lost Girl Book Tag? If you haven’t watched it, you totally need to. It’s one of my all time favorite shows and needs to be appreciated. Also, if you like to binge completed series, you can totally do that on Netflix since they ended it with Season 5 and I’m still salty about that.

The Rules:

  1. Tag the person who tagged you, the original post (this one!) and paste these rules.
  2. Watch Lost Girl on Netflix. If you have watched it, tell me if you’re #TeamDyson , #TeamLauren or #TeamTamsin or neither!
  3. You can use my graphics, or make your own, or not. Totally up to you. Just tried to be fancy and failed.
  4. Feel free to tag as many people as you want. Spread the love.

Yeah I guess I’m not big on rules. I just want to see everyone’s answers so please don’t forget to tag me in it!

I’m totally going to go left field with this one and choose Roja from Blanca & Roja. Why? Because I felt like she was really shit on by her family and yet she still did what she could to save her sister from being turned into a swan. She needs way more credit.

Branwen from Sweet Black Waves was SO DAMN LOYAL TO HER COUSIN AND WAS STILL BETRAYED CONSTANTLY. She didn’t deserve that kind of treatment omg.

Someone want to tell me why I asked this question and can’t even answer it?

I guess I could say Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Because it be old AF.

Jason Zhou from Want. He has to go undercover in crazy rich Taipei so they can finally try to dismantle this evil corporation from preventing legislation to address the pollution problem in the country. More like the world, but let’s start with Taipei.

Truly Devious ended too soon because I felt like there was no resolution at all. Sure, there was one mystery solved, but was it even really solved? What about the main mystery of the kidnapping and murder all those years ago? I need answers.

Rook from An Enchantment of Ravens can be pretty damn broody when he doesn’t get what he wants!

Nedra from Give the Dark My Love! You think she’s all righteous and all that but oh buddy does that end up changing after a tragedy I cannot speak of because that’s spoilers!

I honestly don’t even remember if I finished 1984, but I know I sparknotes the crap out of it and it did me well.

Mia’s more of a morally grey character, but I want to put her here because she kills a bunch of people. That’s not very nice. Oh she’s our favorite assassin from Nevernight, btw.

I haven’t thought of this one in a while, but I really need to do a reread and finish the series because I absolutely adored it. I recommend Fate of Flames because I can so identify with Maia and some of the other Effigies as well, and I wish I could be a superhero like them.

And that’s what I got, friends! I hope you have fun with this one, and I hope you like my answers. I hope to spread the Lost Girl love all over, because I totally miss this show.

Oh also! If you want me to read your recommended book, totally let me know! I’d love to get into your bookish minds by reading what you recommend the most.

27 thoughts on “[Original Tag] Lost Girl Book Tag

      1. I haven’t seen the show but I definitely want to do the tag! Can never have enough book tags. You’re so creative for thinking up one. Very awe inspired *bows* <33333

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  1. This is so cool!! Yay for an original book tag! Thank you so much for tagging me β™₯ This show sounds incredibly unique because I don’t think I’ve ever heard of so many different types of supernatural beings on one show- except Supernatural, of course. I’m going to check this out on Netflix!

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    1. Thank you! I was kind of scared to post it because I know not a lot of people watched Lost Girl, but I need to show that show some love because it is seriously amazing. You should totally watch it and let me know what you think! It’s on Netflix still and I seriously hope they never take it off because idk where else to watch it.

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  3. I love this show 😊 although, unless it’s been readded again, I don’t think it’s on Netflix anymore where I live. Fantastic tag though and it’s wonderful to see Lost Girl getting mentioned.

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      1. Yes it’s such a pain. I’ll have to see if it’s on anything else as I would really like to rewatch it one day. I agree, it’s not mentioned often but it’s fantastic – just the sort of show that I love. So I’m so happy that you made this tag ❀️


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