Friday Favorites: Summer Reads

Friday Favorites: Summer Reads

Thank you so much Kibby @ Something of the Book for creating this! I am so glad that I found it and I’m having a lot of fun with it! And I miss you guys so much but right now I’m either sleeping or getting ready for my work’s 10 year anniversary and won’t be able to say hi until later on, but just know that I miss you guys always.

So I’m going to include books that I would want to read during the summer, so that it can motivate me to actually read them! Enjoy the ride.

Why? Kiko is half-Japanese (almost like me. I wish I was half but I’m more like a fifth or something) and the idea of not understanding her half-Japanese heritage is something that I used to feel and sometimes do feel. This feels like the perfect summer read to truly get to know more about me and Kiko.

Why? This book takes place in Hawaii (my home!) and I rarely see YA books that take place there! So far, two books by Akemi remind me of myself, and I’m hoping to get a chance to read both of them one summer.

Why? I feel like this would be a good summer read, not to mention I still haven’t watched the Netflix adaptation. Sometimes you just need some contemporary light reads to get through summer.

Why? Because the Japanese internment camps during WWII were a part of my family’s history (my grandparents were in them when they were younger) and I think that this will move me in an emotional way.

Why? I mean I freaking love Mochi first of all, I absolutely miss being in Japan and this takes place in one of my favorite places IN Japan! Maybe I should move to Japan.

I need a summer vacation like how we used to have growing up. I don’t know how I ever took those for granted.

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