Let’s Talk Bookish | Do Genres Change Over Time?

Let’s Talk Bookish | Do Genres Change Over Time?

Let’s Talk Bookish is a weekly meme that was originally created and hosted by Rukky @ Eternity Books starting in August 2019, and was then cohosted with Dani @ Literary Lion from May 2020 to March 2022. Aria @ Book Nook Bits has been the host since the beginning of April 2022.

Prompts: Is there a genre you think is done better or worse today than it was in the past? How is it better today or how is it it worse than it was before? What differences do you see that make them better or worse? Do you think that the quality of genres follow certain trends over time?

I’ll be at two programs today so I’m drafting this Friday night while I have time. I know that I’ll at least have a good time at Laser Tag in the afternoon, but we will see how the other program is that’s longer throughout the day. Oh, I really do love the life of a programmer right now. It’s busy and fun and never a dull day.

So I was thinking about this while I was making my graphic banner, and I definitely feel like genres have changed a bit since I first got into reading. I actually feel like they have massively improved since I was first reading, and that shows the change in times I guess. I mean the “basics” of what I love about fantasy hasn’t really changed…or is that wrong of me to think? Honestly, I don’t know. I definitely love the fact that no matter what genre I’ve been reading lately, there aren’t much of “I’m not like OTHER girls” kind of talk or unnecessary girl fighting. And that’s what I appreciate because I did not like that part of reading. I recently reread Marked in the House of Night series and I remember absolutely adoring that series from what I remember reading. When I read it again, oh gosh the girl fighting and teasing and slut shaming was killing me! If I had to read something like that now, I would not finish it or even promote it. I don’t mess with that no more, and that’s what I consider growth.

I can only hope that my favorite genres continue to improve in their content and diversity throughout the years, and hopefully we don’t go back to what it was back then. Gosh I am just so happy with what is available for us to read nowadays. If I was who I am now, but back in the past, I would be vastly underwhelmed and disappointed. I know I was when I was younger, and I couldn’t imagine having what we have now. Just absolutely couldn’t imagine it and I’m so happy for it.

Yes, I’m totally rambling now.

I know I didn’t even really talk about my favorite genres, but I’m sure you can figure it out based on what I usually share. What about you? Have you felt like your favorite genres have changed and/or improved since you first fell in love with it? Did you end up switching favorite genres because of the issues it may have had in the past? I would love to hear your thoughts.

4 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Bookish | Do Genres Change Over Time?

  1. Hi Leelyn – this is a good topic and I like the way you refer to a genre changing as growth. I don’t think I could handle a lot of girl fighting. That’s too much toxic drama – I work with all women (about 25) except for one guy and that’s enough drama for me. One thing I have noted is that some genres seem to have merged – like mysteries and thrillers. That’s fine with me because I like suspenseful novels. Hope you’re having a good weekend. I do some programming for my job and yes, the variety is interesting!

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    1. I’m so *over* girl-on-girl fighting solely for conflict! I read back some of my favorite YA books back in the day and didn’t realize how many of them had that and I thought it was just normal. I guess it was considered “normal” back then. Reading them now? I end up cringing, knowing that there is no way we would be okay with that nowadays, which I’m glad about.

      I can totally see mysteries and thrillers merging. It’s a little difficult for me to differentiate between the two nowadays, except for specifically “cozy mysteries”.

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