ANTHOLOGY STORY REVIEW | Gilded by Elizabeth Acevedo

ANTHOLOGY STORY REVIEW | Gilded by Elizabeth Acevedo

Death, Racism, Violence, War

Black, Queer, Latine

I think this is one of the ones that I didn’t really get swept away in, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t a good story. I don’t know if it was because of where it fell in the anthology or what it was, but every time I tried to listen to this one, I felt like I wasn’t retaining much of it. This is technically the second piece from Acevedo that I’ve listened to, with the first being Clap When You Land, which I absolutely adored. That one was written in verse, but I think what helped me get through that one was Acevedo partially narrating it.

This story seems to be more historical fiction, or at least that’s the vibe I received. From what I remember, it was inspired by the first major slave revolt in the Americas in 1522, so let’s call it historical fantasy since we have the element of magic involved. I like that this one had that vibe though, and even though I may need to reread this one again to get immersed in it, I still think it’s worth reading. I personally don’t skip any stories in anthologies, since they were included for a reason. This may be one of those instances where I’ll do an annotated reread when I get the chance.

“Do you know what it is like to covet such a honeyed thing your whole life, and to have tasted just enough to have the memory plague you, but also to know that you would be cut down if you ever tried to claim it as your own? You at least have walked before, knowing you were your own person. Perhaps with obligation, but not destined to slavery simply due to your birth. I just want to remove this yoke from around my neck, Khadim. I just want to possess something sweet, even if it is only my own life.”

Eula, pg. 44

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