WWW Wednesday – 12/09/20

WWW Wednesday – 12/09/20

Another week, another headache! It is what it is, fam.

I’m glad that I at least have an appointment to go to this afternoon, and I’m hoping that it goes well. I kind of wish that I took the rest of the day off, but eh. I guess it will keep me motivated to go back into the office to chill for a bit before I have to drive home at night. Can I just say that I’m still not liking the fact that by the time 5pm rolls around, it’s freaking pitch black all over? I hate driving in the damn dark when people don’t know how to drive! How many times do we have to have an accident on the daily, 757??

Thank you again to Sam @ Taking on a World of Words for hosting this weekly meme. I’m pretty sure you all know the drill by now, but in case you don’t and you want to join, here are the three questions we always answer:

  1. What are you currently reading?
  2. What did you recently finish reading?
  3. What do you think you will read next?

Let’s be honest here. I shouldn’t include White Teeth on this list since I really haven’t picked it up. I don’t know what it is. Maybe I just need to call it quits for now and just write my notes in my journal… like that’s it man. It’s been actually really messing with me actually reading the rest of the books for Literati! My goodness I was so on track before, and this book is just really not it for me. Which sucks because I know so many people really dig Zadie Smith. And she wrote this when she was a little younger than I am right now! How amazing is that though? I want to finish it somehow.

Other than that, I see that everything else I’m reading currently is fantasy, back to my favorite genre like I needed for a bit. Now, as far as what I end up finishing first, or which one I’m liking the most… honestly I’m kind of liking all three of them right now. And can I just say that I’m so glad my library’s hoopla has audiobooks for Indie books! Some of them have been really great to listen to, my gosh.

Thank goodness for audiobooks man. I know that The Alice Network was taking me like ten thousand years but by the time I finished it, I actually thought it was a pretty good ending. It wasn’t perfect of course, but I did like it for what it was. It also made me look up a little bit more of the real life Alice Network during WWI so that was cool. I’ll have to do more research though, I just did a brief google search and read only a little bit of what it was and how the book compared to the actual history.

And yay for one ARC down this week! I still have to write the review though… hmm maybe I’ll write it today? I kind of spaced on writing it. Oops.

I’ve just been trying to slowly but surely go through my library shelf in my living room, and yet I keep… getting… books! I need to stop. I also need to take an updated photo of my library shelf so you can see just how many books I am trying to read. I KNOW I won’t finish them all by the end of the year, but that’s not the goal for me. I’m just hoping that I can at least get through some of it by the time it’s 2021.

What? You didn’t know I love the Rush Hour movies? Well, you’re right. It wasn’t that obvious in this post at all.

Just kidding! I did recently watch the first one again so I gotta watch the second one soon. Hopefully tonight since I finished what I wanted to do for my other job! I’m pretty caught up on that so I don’t need to spend too much time being away from the television.

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