Sunday Post: 12/06/20

Sunday Post: 12/06/20

So apparently I have not done a Sunday Post in a month. A whole month! And I claim that this is one of my favorite kinds of posts to do! I think it’s probably because on Sundays I’ve been trying desperately to avoid being on the computer for too long and just read as much as I can while spending quality time with the doggos. Apparently that’s been working! But since it’s been a while, I definitely wanted to make sure that I spent some time writing this up – the night before – so that at least it’s up there and I can spend Sunday either reading, recovering, or whatever it is I plan on doing.

The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by Caffeinated Book Reviewer. It’s a chance to share news about the past week, reading recaps, new hauls, and more.

I have a whole damn mountain some ARCs to work on, of course. There’s at least two that I super need to read this week. I started the first one but I’m kind of not as into it as I need to be in order to finish it. But maybe I’ll just take a break from that and move on to the other one? I don’t know. I notice that when I have the choice to either read one of my library books or the ARC… well that’s why I haven’t really been getting through it.

Aiyah. And I really don’t want to DNF if because it’s not terrible, but it’s just not what I’m into?

At least I can admit it out loud, I guess.

It’s been a hot minute since I have done a book haul graphic. But at least I don’t think that I have gotten a whole lot of books since then? Except the Ready Reads Bundle for December, which is super exciting!

I feel like this is a month’s worth of books you know? So I would say that this isn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Especially if these were all done in a week rather than a month. Now, again, we are still not going to talk about whether or not I have read any of the books from when I first started making these little checklists… It’s not a checklist. I just need to admit it to myself right now. It’s just a fun graphic that I liked making.

If you’re on my Instagram, you may have seen me mention something that happened to me that really messed me up recently. I feel really weird about it though, especially since that has never happened to me before a couple of days ago. It was one of the most terrifying moments of my life and I really hope that it doesn’t happen again. I don’t think I’m really ready to talk about what fully happened, so that’s as much as I can really stay. I appreciate those that checked up on me. That really meant a lot because I was really going through it.

Other than that, I’ve just been trying to get through all of the health problems that I have and trying to keep pushing forward. Sometimes I think about all of what I’ve put my body and mind to and it just sucks that it’s all coming to a head now. I know that this is really just because I have always put my health last on my priorities. I have pushed myself to the most, all the time really. It’s like I really don’t like to have to go to the doctors and take time away from work to do it. I’ve always been like that though, and I know that there have been some jobs where I would really feel like I couldn’t go to the doctors anyways so I’d never go. Now, I think I’ve been forced to really start taking my health seriously before I can’t end up doing as much as I want to do. I gotta be at least somewhat able to do all the stuff I want to do in life, right? I’ll keep going, and hopefully I’ll have some good news in the future to share.

Now, this isn’t about me, but my friend wrote her very first book review as a guest contributor on someone’s blog! It was also for one of my favorite books this year: Clap When You Land by Elizabeth Acevedo. Here’s the link to it so you can totally read it. I think she did such an amazing job for her first one! I hope she ends up writing more reviews with how much she loves reading.

And here’s her IG so you can follow and check out her other IG book reviews!

So Spotify got our 2020 playlists up! Of course I’ll have to share it here for posterity. Plus I think that I really listened to a bunch of great songs and I’m so happy with it this year. I mean I’m always happy with the playlist since it’s my top songs but I mean still. I was just super enjoying it. Unfortunately, it’s definitely Not Safe For Work…. but that’s what headphones are for right? Ayyyye.

As for what my top song was? Well…


Definitely one of my theme songs so I’m not even mad.

I found one of my all time favorite movies on Amazon Prime! I freaking died! I had to watch it and now I’m super emotional because I missed this movie so much. It sucks that I seem to like to go back to a lot of my childhood movies when I need some comfort. But hey sometimes I gotta just go back to easier times right?

But anyway, yes I saw that All Dogs Go To Heaven 2 was on Amazon Prime and I had to watch it. I love this movie so freaking much. I hadn’t even thought about this movie for so long though, that I was shocked to see it there showing up! And funny enough, it also made me want to watch Oliver & Company? I don’t know, I’m in a nostalgic mood right now, with the end of the year coming up and just trying to get to 2021… it is what it is.

And last weekend, I did a movie marathon of the Lord of the Rings Extended Editions and it was great! I also think it’s funny that I’ve watched the original movies so much that I can say what’s part of the extended version or not. Does that make me a whole nerd? I don’t know but I don’t care! These are one of my all time favorite movie trilogies so I’ll spend time watching them any time and all the time!

Oh my gosh look at this handsome man though. Girls love Legolas, but women love Aragorn. And I love both, so gimme my mans.

Hmm… I guess I’m kind of at a loss of words for once! But I’ll see you all soon, and I hope that you are happy and healthy.

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