Rapid Review Round-Up #3

Rapid Review Round-Up #3

Since I missed two Thursdays in a row, I figured I was due for some rapid review time. Plus, I’m again having an issue writing some regular length reviews so at least this can get my brain moving again.

I personally don’t like turkey, so I hope that I get the ham that Mark is supposedly making for me today. For anyone that is celebrating a holiday today or this weekend, I hope that you have an amazing time with your loved ones. I hope you rest and enjoy this time before we get back to the grind next week. Don’t stress yourself out as much as you can.

You know how in some trilogies, the second book is mostly used as a way to get to the events of the third book, and it just seems like it’s really unnecessary? Well, that didn’t happen in this case. Every single thing about this story was great to me, and I loved that we got to see more of the world that Kagawa blessed us with. Not to mention, it seems like there is so much more to the characters than we believed in the first one… and I cannot wait to come back full circle to the third novel when I read it again with the second book in context. Kagawa is one of my favorite authors to date with both her Talon series and this, and I hope to read more from her in the future. This is definitely a great sequel and I love how the characters were able to develop more in this story. It was just so great.

So my first introduction to Sarah Kuhn was with her YA debut I Love You So Mochi, which I did a rapid review earlier on. I already knew I loved her writing style, and I remembered that I bought this and knew that I had to try this one, especially since this was her debut debut, you know? Not only was the whole concept of a superhero having a whole PR team / Personal Assistant type of business behind her, but I also loved how diverse this novel was. Since when have you seen an Asian-American popular superhero in entertainment that wasn’t a side character? It makes me wish that Netflix or Hulu would adapt this into a TV series because I would absolutely love to see this play out on film, you know? As long as they do the casting right, which they really better because really there is no excuse to not be able to find some talented actors without white-washing. We have Aveda Jupiter (our resident Super Hero) who is Chinese-American, main character Evie Tanaka who is Irish-Japanese-American, and honestly pretty much everyone associated with the Aveda Jupiter team is a person of color, not to mention the characters that are queer. The first person POV and seeing how the life of a PA to a superhero would be was so damn entertaining! I can’t wait to read the rest of the series. Oh, and you should SEE how much Aveda actually works so hard to make sure that she is protecting San Francisco with all that she has. No half-assing over here.

Yes, yes, it took me this long to finally get to a review for this and it’s only a rapid review! Well, I shouldn’t say *only* like it’s a bad thing because it really isn’t. I have so much love for this book, for our main character Liz, for the friendship and love that developed and blossomed throughout this novel, both romantic and familial and friend love… all kinds of love. Just everything about this novel really spoke to me and I was so emotional by the time I finished it. Johnson wrote a book that spoke so much to me, that honestly I wish that baby Lynn was able to read it and understand that it was always okay to be herself from the beginning. How she used to be so brave and never let anyone tell her that she couldn’t be or do anything… this book brought all of those feelings of bravery, hope, and love back into my heart and it came at a time that I really needed it. This is one of the books that I could honestly say truly saved my life, and this book will always have a special place in my heart because of it.

Have you seen those turkey shirts being made with the WAP lyrics on it? It’s so hilarious and yet I just can’t handle how silly it is. Now I can never listen to that song without thinking about turkeys. And I love that song!

I’ll be offline for the day hopefully, or maybe not. I’ll have to see if I end up wanting to come back to the internet to see everyone’s beautiful faces because I am thankful for every single one of you. Until then, enjoy today.

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