Favorite Post 027

Favorite Post 027

What happens if you’ve had a headache for longer than 24 hours? And even if you took ibuprofen and your regular cocktail of medicine, it still isn’t going away?

Time for another fave post round up!

  • Lobizona by Romina Garber by Reader Gal (Sarahi): “Having to discover her true identity was crazy. The way the author announces it in the book sounded epic in my opinion lol.”

  • The Raven and the Dove Review by Amy Leigh Reads: “The whole concept of the trials and being able to pick the mates was interesting and I thought quite unique.”

  • Review: Rebel Sisters by Tochi Onyebuchi by Utopia State of Mind (Lili): “At the same time, Rebel Sisters asks us if people can change, if we are defined by our mistakes, and if we can move on as individuals.”

  • Fumbled (Playbook #2) by Alexa Martin (Book Review) by Kayla Reads and Reviews: “Poppy is strong and fierce, she has been doing an amazing job at raising Ace on her own.”
  • Interview with Agnes Borinsky, author of Sasha Masha by Of Stars and Pages (Dani): “SASHA MASHA explores so many themes and topics like self discovery, transness, queerness, friendship, family, identity, romance (and more that I’m sure are slipping my mind right now) in a way that I column’t sum up here but we are sure that at least one of them will resonate with many readers.

  • Some Queer Books to get you through November by Michelle Likes Things: “There’s always a consistent though: nice, comforting queer books. And let me tell you, I got you covered.”

  • Hyped 2020 Releases: Will I Read Them? Should I Read Them? by Bookish Wanderess (Sofia): “The idea is that I’ll tell you whether I’m planning to read the books or not, and I’m hoping you’ll tell me if maybe there’s a book that I’m not planning to read but that you think I should.

  • Opportunities, Blog Design & More with Belle || Blogletters Interview by The Wordy Habitat (Sumedha): “Today, I’m interviewing a blogger who has interesting and thoughtful answers to my questions and I think you will enjoy this interview.”
  • Top Ten Tuesday | 11/10/20 by Past Midnight (Yolanda): “I know there is a song called To All The Girls I’ve Loved Before (my dad used to listen to it A LOT when I was a child haha), so why not To All The Boys!”

  • Fortnight Frights Wrap Up by Readlogy (Ikram): “Southeast Asian ghosts are the scariest so I don’t want to see some Kuntilanak walking around asking candies–no thank you!”

  • Book Recs: A Cuban Girl’s Guide to Tea and Tomorrow (And Other Food-Related Books!) by Love Yo Shelf (Orianna & Lauren): “Lately, I’ve been desperately needing a dose of love, and with Lila’s story of rediscovery through embracing a whole new world, and learning how to fuse them together in herself, A Cuban Girl’s Guide to Tea and Tomorrow was exactly what I was craving, both food wise and in terms of comfort.”

  • Matching East Asian Snacks to Books! by Vicky Again: “This list is composed entirely of Asian-authored works. Although the snacks are mostly East Asian, I didn’t limit the novels to East-Asian authors, so there’s a wide variety here, among all age categories!”
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I don't remember the last time I fell in love with a book as much as I did with Raybearer. I finished it a couple of hours ago and was immediately enwrapped with the bittersweet calm that comes every time when a great book ends, but ends well. The story follows the life of Tarisai, a half-djinn who was born to fulfill her mother's wish to kill a prince but chose not to. Tarisai is the woman I want to be. She is wise, intelligent, strong, vulnerable, and makes all the right decisions. My heart reached out to her when she longed for a family and swelled with pride in her stronger moments. At each point, she had to choose between choices that were equal parts right and wrong. And with each decision, I fell more in love with her. Never once did she disappoint; if anything, she never failed to impress. There were so many moments when I got goosebumps from all the power in her that radiated off the pages of the book. “I am Tarisai of Swana and I’ve seen your stories now. They belong to me, as mine belong to you. You don’t have to help me change the world. But you mark my words; when I get going, this world will change. And you can be a part of that… or you can stand back and watch." Just like her story, Jordan Ifueko's writing has magic too. She writes with a poetic grace that makes words disappear, replaced by scenes playing out like a movie. The plot of the novel is fresh, unpredictable, and wraps up neatly. The characters are diverse, fleshed out, and oh-so-precious. Even the stories of the villains are portrayed in a way that makes them hard to hate. Also, bonus points to the author for not forcing a romance between Tarisai and the Prince. It made the story all the more surprising and real. If you are into fantasy, Raybearer is a must-read book for you. #qotd🌸 – Do you believe in everything being pre-written in destiny, or do you think we choose our own actions? ~ #raybearer #jordanifueko #africanreads #booksofig #readersgonnaread #readergirl #feministreads #fantasybook #fantasybooks #fantasybookstagram #bookstagramindia #readersofig #bookblogger #readeveryday #booksof2020

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Soumya’s photos are so gorgeous and aesthetically pleasing! I highly recommend a follow and liking all the photos. Reading all of her captions of the books she’s read is great to go through because I get a better idea of her thoughts on books that I may not have hear of before, and I can get some much needed recommendations when I get through the rest of my library books. I’m so glad that I found her profile and I have her on my feed!

Jessica is also in charge of the Brown Girl Book Club, so be sure to check out the live show coming up soon. Follow them on twitter for more details! In this video, we get to pick the top 5 books for Jessica to read in November, and we get to see if Jessica is able to get through them. Make sure that we pick some good ones for her, right? She is such a sweet person and her videos are so fun to watch! I highly recommend following her if you aren’t already.

Okay the headache is still killing me honestly, and I’m really hoping that I could just… not go to work right now but like I’ve been taking a sick day every single pay period but dang this is seriously hurting my body!

I did end up telling my doctor that I feel like I’m suffering from fatigue so we’ll see what my doctor says about that. Maybe I can work from the hospital and just be surrounded by books and audiobooks or something, ya? Does that count?

Until next time, friends. Be sure to check out everyone’s post and share some of your favorite bloggers. I’d love to follow more people.

8 thoughts on “Favorite Post 027

  1. It’s always nice to see more entries in this series!

    I get awful headaches that last multiple days sometimes, too. I can’t tell if you were wanting advice, so totally feel free to ignore this if it crosses the line in any way. I will be 100% unoffended, just want to help if possible. Headaches suck so much. 🙂

    Here are a few things that help me with horrible never-ending headaches:

    Drinking extra fluids like it’s going out of style. I find it easier to drink warm tea than cold water when my head is pounding, but anything helps if your headache is due to even the mildest touch of dehydration.

    Guided meditation videos specifically for pain.

    Massage is very effective (if you live with someone who can do a neck or back massage for you). Or there are self-massage videos on Youtube if you live alone!

    Chasing meds down with caffeine to amplify the effects of those pills. I have a stash of very dark chocolate in my fridge that I use for this purpose. I call it my “medicinal” chocolate. LOL.

    Sleeping it off. Even a 20 minute nap often helps, but a full 8-9 hours of sleep overnight is even better if you’re currently getting less than that and can manage an earlier bedtime or later wakeup time.

    I hope you feel better soon! Hugs (if you like them).


  2. Thank you for sharing all these! Will definitely check these out. And so sorry about your headache. Migraines are the worst and I wouldn’t wish them on my worst enemy. Usually, lying down in complete silence in a dark room helps me a lot. I hope you get well soon! Sending virtual hugs and prayers. ❤️🙏🏽


  3. I’m just waddling back to blog hopping again and this list is about to be so helpful! Thank you! ❤ ❤

    Also I'm sorry you're having terrible headaches, I get them frequently for the past year or so now and I wouldn't wish them on even my worst enemy–fictional or otherwise. I really do hope you start feeling better darling! Sending you positive vibes and a speedy recovery ❤


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