Top Ten Tuesday – Halloween Freebie

Top Ten Tuesday – Halloween Freebie

Tomorrow is apparently my sixth year wedding anniversary and I have no idea what I want to do to celebrate. I think I want to eat some super good ramen or something. It will just be me and my baby girl dogs. I miss my boy Max, but I know that he’s keeping Mark company right now, so I’ll just see Max and cuddle him when I see him this weekend.

Thank you again Jana for hosting Top Ten Tuesday as always!

This week’s prompt is Halloween Freebie, so I’m going to pick Horror/Spooky Books that I’m Going to Try to Read while Being a Scaredy Cat. Since that title is way too long, I’m only putting it on here but you get what I mean. I am the worst when it comes to anything horror related. I hate being scared and I just can’t do anything seriously scary or actual horror, so I’m really hoping that most of these won’t truly give me nightmares like I’m prone to have.

I know that technically I started this one but I am going to restart this one because I need to really, truly give my whole attention to this book. If you aren’t paying attention to it like you should, then you miss certain nuances about it that are like “wait whaaaaat?” And it’s getting super weird and creepy and atmospheric and I’m kind of scared now. I know that Stephen Graham Jones is supposed to be like a super horror author person, and people have warned me about that, so I’m like… not regretting my decision because I knew I wanted to read regardless but I know I’m going to have nightmares regardless too.

This is supposed to be creepy as well, but I don’t know. Some people have been okay, some people haven’t either way I know that I want to read this one. Plus it’s Silvia Moreno-Garcia so of course I want to read this one. I loved Gods of Jade and Shadow so I’ll definitely try this one out.

I’m actually really scared about this one because of all the gore surrounding this one, and I may not read this for a while, but I’m adding this here because it was recommended to me.

This was another book that was recommended to me, although it was recommended to me by a list, not an actual person. It reminds me of an episode of Supernatural and I’m very curious to see if I’ll be able to get through it!

This is technically a thriller but I’m going to count it since I can get really freaked out by thrillers if they are done right. There’s also a hint that there’s a deadly pathogen involved in this novel, and even though I may not want to deal with anymore sickness in the world right now, I’m very curious to see what Vietnam is portrayed like in this novel.

This is also a thriller, and it takes place in Nigeria. I’m very, very curious to see how this one turns out. I’ve heard very mixed reviews about this one and I don’t know what some of the #ownvoices readers have said about this. I’ll have to browse some of those reviews before I look into this though.

Another Silvia Moreno-Garcia novel! And this one deals with Vampires! Of course I’m going to try to read this one! But I’m telling you, I’m kind of scared of Silvia’s novels because I’ve heard that she’s a horror queen. I’m really, really hoping that I don’t get nightmares.

I’ve been meaning to read this book for a while now and I’ve heard such great things about this one. Especially seeing that this book was compared to Supernatural and Stranger Things? I love Supernatural. I haven’t watched Stranger Things, but I am curious. I’ll try it out!

This one looks super creepy! This came out sometime in 2019 and I never heard of it because I was slowly coming back into the reading world again. It looks super interesting though and I’m curious to see how it goes. I wonder if I’d be a part of a club like though though. Maybe I would.

Anything vampire related I will read. I don’t care if vampires will be considered “overplayed” or whatever. I’ll read it. This is considered horror and I may not have read anything dealing with Countess Dracula before, but this one sounds so interesting that I am definitely interested. I can’t wait to try to find this one and read this.

Oh hey I got to 10 this week! Woot woot!

And I can’t wait to see everyone’s Freebie posts! I hope everyone has an awesome week and even though things are weird this year, I hope you all have a wonderful end to October.

We got this.

7 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday – Halloween Freebie

  1. Happy anniversary for tomorrow!

    I can’t recommend Silvia Moreno-Garcia enough–I’m so glad Certain Dark Things is being reprinted next year, because it did not get the love it deserved when it was released and it’s such a refreshing vampire novel. Great list!


  2. For some reason I also really want to read more horror, but I’m scared too quickly haha! The Only Good Indians is also on my list! I did read Mexican Gothic, and really liked it!

    My post!


  3. Great list! I want to read The Only Good Indians and Mexican Gothic too despite being a total scaredy, but I’m definitely waiting for a good time when I can read a lot during the day (so perhaps when I’m unemployed at the end of December LOL) 😂 I read My Sister, the Serial Killer and while I thought it was interesting I… struggled a bit with it. It’s definitely not scary though 🙂 Hope you enjoy it! Also, Happy Anniversary! Hope you enjoy hanging with the doggos and eating good food 🥳


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