Favorite Posts 025

Favorite Posts 025

Looks like it’s that time again for another Favorite Posts round up! I guess it’s better to have this on a certain day of the week, then I don’t forget if I did it or not! I think that’s just for my own sanity since we all know I’m a little scatterbrained sometimes. The perks of being old, I guess.

  • ARC Review: The Silvered Serpents by Roshani Chokshi by A Kernel of Nonsense (Alicia): “Ensemble casts can be tricky, but Chokshi skillfully juggles her list of characters. Each one feels wholly formed with their own backgrounds, motivations, personalities, and flaws.”

  • Year Of The Witching’s Gothic Horror Lures You In So Alexis Henderson’s Fearless Writing And Unflinching Black/Biracial Heroine Can Drop A Bomb On Your Soul by Novel Lives (Susan): “The palpable progression of paranormal horrors collide with those created by a patriarchal society, and compelling themes Henderson has been establishing throughout The Year of the Witching.”

  • Now That I’ve Found You by Kristina Forest | ARC Review by The Fine Art of Reading (Natalie): “I enjoyed the progression of the story because it was multifaceted and covered a range of topics. There was a physical adventure as well as an emotional one of self-discovery and finding your place within the world.”

  • More Than Just A Pretty Face by Syed M. Masood by Pop the Butterfly (Paige): “The father is very emotionally abusive to Danyal to the point he says Danyal can’t be his son because Danyal is a failure. That’s very gut wrenching and as someone who faced some of that in her childhood, it’s very distressing to read.”
  • Tour the World in 30 Books: What’s In a Name? by Kerri McBookNerd: “The topic of the meaning of the main character, Tarisai’s, name came up and I got curious. Were there other characters whose names had specific meanings, as well? And did those meanings perhaps shine a light on their personalities?”

  • Thought Collective #2: Let’s Chat About School by Jessica C Writes: “Don’t let the school system make you hate or fear learning. Because you should always want to learn!!”

  • 10 new and upcoming book releases to get you in the fall mood by Bellerose Reads (Cielo): “Fall is my fave season. I’m a fan of all things spooky and this is the season just for that.”

  • Why I use Latinx by Latinx Magic (Cande): “I don’t need to explain beyond that, I actually I don’t care if you completely grasp it. Every time someone uses Latinx I feel like we’re breaking our rigid society apart piece by piece to build something better.”
  • Diversity Spotlight Thursday #97 by YA On My Mind (Ruthsic): “Note: While I generally feature YA lit on my blog, occasionally I will include other age groups if necessary.

  • Monthly Wrap-Up: August 2020 by Read by Tiffany: “First off, thank you all so much for nominating and voting for me in the Fourth Annual Book Blogger Awards hosted by May from Forever and Everly and Marie from Drizzle and Hurricane Books because I won Best Adult Blogger alongside Marie!!”

  • Friday Finds: Travel The World Without Leaving Your Home. Plus Book Blogger Hop by Flora’s Musings: “So, here’s a small collection of recommendations and book reviews written by some wonderful bloggers. If we can’t physically travel anywhere, at least I hope you find something interesting to read.”

  • Last Year I Was Reading… | 17.09.20 by The Infinite Library (Ashley): “Maria @ReadingMaria came up with the cute idea of ‘Last Year I Was Reading’ in which you compare your current read to the book you were reading at the exact same time last year. You consider how they differ/are alike, which one you like better and mention any specific facts you feel like mentioning.”

Bre’ is one of my all time favorite people! Not only have I loved talking with her on our two live chat book discussions lately – on her BookTube channel by the way – but she is just such a fun person to be around and talk to in general! I wish I could meet her in person but I love being able to follow her feed and support her!

RC is also one of my faves in the entire world. I love how sweet RC is and the kind of energy that he gives off all around Twitter and BookTube. He’s one of the nicest people ever and I just absolutely adore him.

And there you have it. I love supporting my friends. I love finding new friends. I love supporting creative people all over, and I hope that you get to see some new blogs to follow that you may not have seen yet! Although, I’m sure you probably have seen a lot of these people. Very very amazing if I can weigh in here. See you all next week for another roundup.

Stay thirsty, friends.

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