Possibility Pile for SeaMAYden-athon & Asian Readathon!

Possibility Pile for SeaMAYden-athon & Asian Readathon!

Hey mersquad coven!

I don’t usually post my possibility piles on my blog, but you know I had to show some love to my very first hosted readathon with the amazing Mir @ Fangirl Pixie, as well as the 2020 Asian Readathon hosted by Read With Cindy! If you haven’t heard of either of these readathons, be sure to check out Mir’s announcement post for SeaMAYden-athon and Cindy’s video below!

So here are the prompts that Mir and I came up with for SeaMAYden-athon and I put my books in order of this list! I’ll include Goodreads links here as well though so you can check out the book information as well!

Possibility Pile!

  • Mermaid Kisses, Starfish Wishes (Sapphic Romance) & Read Any Book by an Asian Author
  • Shipwreck (Dystopian) & Read a book written by an Asian author who is different from you.
  • Siren’s Call (Read Out Loud) & Read a book recommended by an Asian
  • We Mermaid to be Friends (Recommended by a Friend)
  • Beach, Please! (Summer Beach Read) & Read a book featuring an Asian character or written by an Asian author who you can relate to.
  • Release the Kraken (Intimidating Book)
  • I got whosits & whatsits galore (Been on my TBR forever!)
  • Under the Sea (Magical Kingdom)
  • Find Your Voice (#OwnVoices)
  • Sea Salt (Real Tearjerker)

And there’s my pile! If you’re participating in SeaMAYdenathon and have your TBR, let me know so I can share it! Here are some of the posts sharing their TBRs for the readathon here.

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