Blog Tour: Beyond the Moon by Catherine Taylor | Review

Blog Tour: Beyond the Moon by Catherine Taylor | Review

Disclaimer: I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Thank you to Rachel’s Random Resources and The Cameo Press, Ltd. for this free copy. All quotes in this review are taken from the Advanced Reader Copy and may change in final publication.

war violence and injuries (graphic), profanity, mild sex

So… yeah there was a specific scene in the near beginning of this novel that had me crying because all I could think of was my grandma or my grandpa (when he was alive), and that nobody would have probably helped them either because they are usually alone in the house and it just worries me. Basically Lt. Lovett is suffering from hysterical blindness and he ends up falling down in his room. He can’t get up, and he’s crying because he feels so helpless. He tries to yell for help for HOURS and nobody heard him. He’s just stuck on the floor, fell flat on his face, and he can’t even help himself stand up. That feeling… I just can’t imagine the kind of fear and pain he was in – probably thinking that nobody is going to find him and he’s going to die on the ground not seeing anything.

So immediately, I was extremely emotional about that part and thank goodness someone finally found him after how long he was in that situation. It just broke my heart because I think about people that have probably been in that exact situation and didn’t have anyone to help them up, and they were just stuck there. I almost revealed a story about one of the residents at the IL facility my mom works at, but I won’t because it’s pretty graphic. But it made me think about that resident.

Then we have Louisa who was dealing with the grief of losing her grandma, and somehow winds up drunk on the edge of a cliff and like… she accidentally falls because part of the top of it broke off. Thank goodness she didn’t die, although she could have, and I don’t know how she blacked out enough to wind up there, but I know it’s possible. I know people that have blacked out from drinking and don’t even remember how they got home. Very dangerous and I just could not imagine it.

And since that happened, she’s being treated as a suicide risk and put in a psychiatric facility that does not treat their patients well at all. One, she was admitted against her will because the doctor that gave her the diagnosis basically didn’t believe that it was an accident, and then the treatment in the facility itself is abysmal. I know that the doctors have to be very careful to make the right decision about someone that has the potential to harm themselves or others, and since it did look like Louisa had intentions of killing herself, maybe he thought he made the right decision of admitting her. But then why not give her the chance to explain what happened?

So yeah, I’m glad that it ends up being Louisa that somehow finds Lt. Lovett even though they are centuries apart in time, and the relationship that blooms between them may have actually saved their lives without them knowing.

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