State of the ARC #6 – Mini Hiatus Part One

State of the ARC #6 – Mini Hiatus Part One

I told you guys it wasn’t going to even feel like I was on a mini hiatus. Could you believe all the freaking reviews I had to post this month? And I even made *minor* progress on my backlisted ARCs somehow? Freaking yay! As always, thank you so much to Evalina for hosting this monthly meme. I included her page on how to do the meme here, so if you want to join starting maybe 2020 you should totally check it out.

  1. The Light at the Bottom of the World – London Shah
  2. The How & The Why – Cynthia Hand
  3. A Touch of Darkness – Scarlett St. Clair
  4. Sisters of Shadow and Light – Sara B. Larson
  5. Every Stolen Breath – Kimberly Gabriel
  6. Meant to be Yours – Susan Mallery
  7. Refraction – Naomi Hughes
  8. Heart of the Moors – Holly Black
  9. Girls Like Us – Randi Pink
  10. The Call of Death – R. J. Garcia
  11. A Christmas Kiss – Eliza J. Scott
  12. The Sword of Kaigen – M. L. Wang
  13. Brad was Sad – M. C. Goldrick
  14. Return to Hiroshima – Bon Van Laerhoven
  15. Across a Broken Shore – Amy Trueblood
  16. Crown of Oblivion – Julie Eshbaugh
  17. Coral – Sara Ella
  18. The Piper’s Pursuit – Melanie Dickerson
  19. Crying Laughing – Lance Rubin
  20. Mixed Match – Mia Heintzelmann
  21. The Firefighter’s Cinderella – Sonya Weiss
  22. Skyjump – Anastasia Bolinder
  23. A Constellation of Roses – Miranda Asebedo
  24. Day Zero – Kelly deVos
  25. Switched in Time – Breanna Hayse
  26. Immortal Lust – Anthology
  27. A Forgiven Friend – Sue Featherstone & Susan Pape
  28. Child of Kitarra – Andrea Gibb
  29. A Blade so Black – L.L. McKinney
  30. Realm of Knights – Jennifer Anne Davis
  31. My Christmas Fake Fiance – Linda West
  32. From Ashes to Magic – Anthology

Don’t ask me how, I don’t freaking know. I didn’t even realize it was this much until I freaking listed all of them on one page. Holy crap. It was almost like I reviewed an ARC a day, which I didn’t since I know a lot of these ended up going up on the same day. Someone please tell me to do better at checking what days I already signed up for. Posting three / four blog tour posts on the same day is tough to remember. I mean once I get the confirmation email I already have it scheduled but I don’t always set up the post until the night before – my own downfall, really. I need to do better.

I may need to take a hiatus from blog tours haha. This is bad.

Did this make a good enough dent in my list of ARCs? Apparently not, since the last time I checked I apparently have over 200 that I was approved for total. Not including the ones that I received personally from Shelf Awareness giveaways that I haven’t cataloged in my spreadsheet yet. I’m slacking, fam. Slacking.

So clearly this doesn’t include the ones that I got physically that I never ended up adding to my ARC spreadsheet, so this is definitely off by a few, but ugh yeah. This is crazy, fam. I should totally make a separate spreadsheet for the blog tours that I’m doing since that’s what most of my ARCs are coming from, and that’s why the other section is so big. Honestly I’m considering things overdue as the publication date already passed, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that I got it before it was released. Like there are a few on Netgalley that came out years ago, and I only got accepted for them this year, so are those technically overdue? Oh whale.

You know what? I’m just gonna be proud of myself for being this amazing. I’m freaking amazing, and clearly this mini-hiatus is paying off, so cheer for ya girl, fam. I did great. Yes, I freaking did.

Time to go back to sleep now.

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