#BEWinter19 Series: Ways a Villain Could Ruin the Holiday Season

#BEWinter19 Series: Ways a Villain Could Ruin the Holiday Season

Oh hey! I’m breaking my mini-hiatus rules to get on Bookending Winter because I am a prompt host for this event! Stay tuned for the last two days in December to see my posts for the event, but in the meantime, I’ll be partaking in #BEWinter19 to support Sam, Clo and all the rest of the amazing hosts this month.

Click on the banner I made on the spot to see the announcement post made by our lovely Clo, and be sure to sign up to partake in this month long fun fun event before December 15th! I can’t wait for this, although I’m pretty sure I’m going to be very nonchalant about how soon I get my posts up because technically I’m still on mini-hiatus so I don’t want to set a specific deadline on when I get these posts up. I’ll make sure they are up on the day they are supposed to though. I’m not that much of a rebel.

Today’s prompt – and what a way to start off the final month – is hosted by Sophia @ Bookwyrming Thoughts and we are getting in the minds of the villains we know and love – or love to hate. You know the ones.

I want to know what villains you want to find in your stocking or don’t! What would you do with them?

But before you decide whether or not you want to call your local Villain Police Department, you’re curious how they could ruin the holiday season.

Way to make me think so early on a Sunday morning afternoon, Sophia! Yes, it’s so after noon but I don’t care. I’m still waking up. But I guess I can figure out what I have to say about some of the villains in my life that I actually wouldn’t mind seeing this holiday season. Let’s get started, shall we?

I mean, can my favorite villains really ruin the holiday season if I actually like them?

Okay, okay fine.

Not invite me in their mischief making.

I think that one would actually break my heart because I would really, really, really want to be invited. I mean, they have to take a break from being completely evil during the holidays right? Well, even if they don’t, I still want an invite for whatever they have planned. Does it mean I’ll actually take part? Depends on how I feel that day, but the inviting part is what’s important.

Convince whoever is going to get me books this year to… not end up sending them.

Just kidding. I think this would be the most tragic one of them all. Could you imagine everyone that thought of me and said “Hmm, I’m going to get Leelynn this book for Christmas because I know she hasn’t bought it or received it from anyone yet, but she’s been wanting to read it.” and then these villains going “Nah, she doesn’t want books this year.” and they BELIEVE IT? It’s like these people don’t know me at all.

Don’t keep me away from my books, fam. Pls.

Go to Hawaii and not take me with them

I’m pretty sure December is the best and worst time to go back to Hawaii. Best because it’s warm and the beaches are still beach weather appropriate so all the swimming and stuff is going to be great. Worst? Because everyone remembers that and ends up crowding the flights to go to paradise. People, I love you, but don’t go to Hawaii this year. Go somewhere else please, so I can have some room on a flight to go back home.

But see villains usually have their own form of transportation so they don’t have to travel with us commoners, and if they end up going on vacation to Hawaii for Christmas and don’t take me with them? We’re gonna have to fight.

Not to anything villain related for Christmas

Do you know how weird it would be if my favorite villains actually didn’t do anything? Like… they just straight up did not do anything and weren’t even around. I’d be a little suspicious and actually sad that they didn’t show their faces and at least do something. Would that be worse than doing absolutely anything? Yes, yes it would be. Don’t disappear just because it’s the holidays!

Whoa that got pretty intense and I may have even shed a tear a little bit thinking about my favorite villains near and far. What do you guys think? What’s a way that some of your favorite villains – or not so favorite – can ruin the holiday season? Let me know, fam!

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