State of the ARC #5 – Spooky October Update!

State of the ARC #5 – Spooky October Update!

I almost forgot to work on this post now that October is pretty much over! I think I was too busy getting distracted with BEAutumn2019 and I just wasn’t focusing on a lot of ARCs lately – which sucks and I need to get back into it the right way – so I may end up just… stop borrowing books for a while. At least until I catch up for a bit, you know?

Thank you again so much to Avalinah’s Books for hosting this meme, teaching me everything that I know with Infogram, and just being an all around amazing friend and person! Seriously, if you aren’t already following her, interacting with her on Twitter or even WordPress, you totally need to change that!

  1. The Gilded King – Josie Jaffrey
  2. The Athena Protocol – Shamim Sharif
  3. The Vine Witch – Luanne G. Smith
  4. Crier’s War – Nina Varela
  5. Smitty’s Calling Card – B. R. Stateham
  6. Empire’s Daughter – Marian L. Thorpe
  7. Fiona and the Whale – Hannah Lynn
  8. Smarter Than a Monster – Brandon Mull*
  9. The Never Tilting World – Rin Chupeco
  10. Bollywood Wives – Alex Khan
  11. The Memory Thief – Lauren Mansy
  12. Hallowed Ground – Paul Twivy
  13. The Unadjusteds – Marisa Noelle
  14. To Kill a Curse – Jennifer Jenkins
  15. Angel Mage – Garth Nix
  16. Beyond the Black Door – A.M. Strickland
  17. The Haunting at Paradise House – Killian Wolf
  18. The Candy Cane Caper – Josi S. Kilpack
  19. Lifestyles of Gods & Monsters – Emily Roberson

I honestly forget which one of these came out prior to me receiving them, but I’ll highlight the ones that I think fall under that category. I listed them here though because I did receive a copy for free, and they did consider them ARCs when they were requesting a review for them. I don’t think I did the same in September, but I’ll just make sure I do it this way from now on. I think it’s easier to see it this way.

Actually, now that I think about it. I’m going based on when I had my post set up, not based on when I received them, so I’m wrong either way. These are all ARCs. My bad.

But the starred book (a children’s picture book), I’m pretty sure I read that last month but wasn’t set to post it until this month, so I put a star on there since I didn’t include it in September’s post.

Geez I’m confusing. I’m sorry fam.

Aaaaaand for some reason I haven’t read any of the books I got on BookSirens so… yeah I’m super sorry for that. I need to set aside time to just finish them already. Well, start and finish them since I need to do that. Please don’t get mad at me, BookSirens gods. I keep seeing someone from that link coming on to my page but I don’t know what they are looking at. Probably whether I finally posted those damn reviews.

I’m honestly so freaking surprised at how many tours I’ve been approved for, and that is really where a lot of these ARCs have come from, besides the ones from Netgalley. Most of those were from me, but a lot of the tours that I got accepted for sent the copies on Netgalley as well. I also combined a lot of the other tour companies that I help out into the “Other” section, so that’s why it’s so much.

I consider a book “Overdue” if the publish date already passed, even if I didn’t technically get the book until afterwards. Some of the ones on Netgalley too are from 2015 or so, way before I was ever on Netgalley, but I have considered those as overdue anyway. It may seem weird, but it helps me to know that I should put those as a priority after my blog tour ARCs as much as possible.

It may not be Halloween anymore, but I love my Halloween themed portrait! I think I need to keep it for a little while longer, so I’m going to do just that! How are your State of the ARC posts doing so far? Let me know!

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