Sunday Post – October 27, 2019

Sunday Post – October 27, 2019

Tomorrow is my 5th wedding anniversary and I won’t be able to celebrate on the actual day, but it’s okay. I have another doctor’s appointment tomorrow and Wednesday so I have double doctor duty for a rare time. I hope it goes well. I’ll definitely let you guys know next week.

But for now, I do have some fun stuff to talk about in this post, so thanks so much for staying with me for so long, and for those that are new to this blog, I give you a warm welcome! Time for another Sunday post before the month is out!

The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by Caffeinated Book Reviewer. It’s a chance to share news about the past week, reading recaps, new hauls, and more.

Okay clearly I need to stop reading library books for like the rest of the year and catch up on my ARCs. This is ridiculous, fam. Ridiculous.

  • Athena’s Choice – Adam Boostrom
  • The Soulstealers – Jacqueline Rohrbach
  • Fall Rotten – Eric Serrell
  • House of Rage and Sorrow – Sangu Mandanna
  • The Billion Pound Lie – Bill Dare

And yes, I put different books on here finally to show that yes, I am super behind.

Plus those top two are super overdue from BookSirens and someone from BookSirens keeps looking at my blog, so… clearly I need to catch up on those two immediately before they revoke my access. If that’s a real thing, I’m super scared.

  • Beyond the Black Door – A.M. Strickland
  • The Haunting at Paradise House – Killian Wolf
  • The Light at the Bottom of the World – London Shah
  • The Candy Cane Caper – Josi S. Kilpack
  • Lifestyles of Gods and Monsters – Emily Roberson

But seriously how are publishers still wanting me to read stuff?!?! I appreciate it so much! I appreciate all the blog tours that I get to participate in, because those are some of my favorite posts ever! I’ve been introduced to so many different books that I never would have thought to read on my own, and I’m so proud of myself for opening up my mind to try new things! So keep the blog tours coming!

Oh, I gotta choose my original tag as my post of the week. Seriously, I’m so proud of myself for creating it, especially based off of one of my all time favorite books of the year. I think this was one of the best books I’ve ever read, and it will always stay in my heart. Besides a review, and since I’m not the creative type, this was the best way to show my love for it, and I hope it gets loved by others as well.

[Original Tag] We Set the Dark on Fire Book Tag

I want to say I didn’t buy anything for myself this week? But let me actually check and be sure. I know stuff came in from last week so I didn’t technically buy them this week. I just got them this week.

Apparently I don’t listen to my own advice about only borrowing one book at a time, so yeah here are more. I seriously need to stop myself. Plus if I were to actually take a picture of my dining room table – the one with all the books on it – it looks like a library in itself. Ha.

Like I said, I love supporting the ARCs that I get to read that I really love, so I try my hardest to buy those to keep in my collection. That’s what I did with these two. Plus that cover of Kingdom Cold is absolutely gorgeous, and it’s all three books in one, so I had to jump on that version.

I was totally not expecting two of these ARCs, so thank you so much for thinking of me! I can’t wait to read them, and write my thoughts. The other two are ARCs for blog tours that are coming up soon, and I’ll be showing them off on my Instagram when the reviews go up. Can’t wait for those posts to come out!

So this week was my coworker’s final week. I got her to pose for a picture for me for my Bookstagram lol. And I got her Sorcery of Thorns to read since I think she would like it. Plus some other things for her office, but I said that it came from the three of us since I didn’t want to go too overboard.

She guessed though and I just didn’t make a big deal about it. I think she knew that I would be the one to think of her with those things compared to the others, so maybe. I don’t know. I know she liked them though! She almost cried when she hugged me.

Yes, I had her reading my current read and she kept my bookmark in the right place, so I appreciate her so much for that.

I also had some good food this week, and I actually took some pictures.

Freaking yummy though! Ugh this was my little treat for the week since I was going to have to start changing my diet on Monday. The doctor and all that. But I did notice that I haven’t had as big of an appetite as usual though? At least I don’t think so. I can go hours without eating, which is terrible, and I noticed that I’m not always craving Starbucks like I used to. So… maybe my medicine is working, and then changing my diet will help me sleep too? I don’t want to give up everything though. I’m not the best at eating healthy without anything in between.

Also look at this pretty picture I took of two of my coworkers! Yes, I totally used that app to add the rainbow in it because I’m extra as hell. I don’t care.

I also had a really terrible nightmare a couple nights ago, that it literally woke me up around 3am sobbing. I felt like I wanted to die. It was the worst nightmare I’ve ever had, and I don’t think I’ll ever forget what happened in that nightmare. I know it wasn’t real, and I know that what happened in there wouldn’t happen to me by the person in my dream, but wow. It just felt so real, and I couldn’t stop crying. I didn’t end up falling back asleep for a long time, and I had a hard time that morning at work.

Then there was something else that happened earlier today. I won’t talk about it in detail because it’s personal and has to deal with someone very close to me, but gosh I wanted to break down and cry that I couldn’t do anything. That right now it feels like I can’t do anything. I know it’s not about me, but that feeling of feeling so helpless for someone you love with all of your heart is one of the worst feelings in the world. I think that’s why I’m not sleeping right now. It’s almost 1am on Sunday while I write this, and I was supposed to be reading my book club book, and I haven’t touched it since I heard that.

I guess this week had its ups and downs, and some pretty hard downs, but I’m so glad that I’m here.

Clearly I’ve been in a Will Smith mood, and luckily Netflix has been putting more Will Smith movies on their streaming section, so I watched both Men in Black movies with him in it. I never watched the third one, and I don’t remember seeing that one, so I only watched the first two again.

I tried to watch the first Bad Boys movie, but I wasn’t feeling it. The cinematography was definitely 90s chic, and you can totally tell.

Such babies in this one!!!

And of course, still watching Single Parents and Elementary.

Then I also started watching Lie to Me again since I haven’t watched that show since it was canceled. Why did it cancel again? It was so good!

Damn, okay I already shared Becky G’s full album last week, so I can’t really do that again this week. I can’t get it out of my head though, and I’m so glad it’s on Spotify AND that she made a visual album on YouTube as well. I like the concept and just how “simple” the music videos were. There was something so beautiful and elegant about them and I just can’t stop watching and listening to the songs.

So I’ll pick something else. I’ll share the inspiration for some of the song choices in my latest blog tour playlist, and it was definitely interesting listening to it at work, trying to turn it down when it would swear. Haha, good times.

By the time this posts, I may actually be sleeping and trying to catch up on me staying up so late. It sucks, because I feel like I mess up my sleep schedule every weekend, but then I can’t help it I guess. I think this weekly wrap up post is one of my favorite types of posts. It also kind of shows me that I have too many books on my kitchen table, and I will never, ever show you guys how it looks like right now.

Also maybe I apparently binge watch shows when I’m trying to avoid reading something. Ooops.

I may need to watch Chicago Fire just for Monica Raymund though. I missed her after Lie to Me, and I never watched any of the Chicago series, but I keep hearing about them. Soooooooo yeah.

6 thoughts on “Sunday Post – October 27, 2019

  1. Oh I would love to have the never tiliting world on my shelves as well! That cover is gorgeous!



  2. i love love love the format of this post it’s so beautiful!! happy early anniversary btw. and my god you have so many books to read. godspeed girl. you can DEFINITELY do it though 🙂


  3. Happy Early Anniversary! You have been busy! I also need to get getting books from the library and focus on arcs but I know that will never happen, lol. Good luck to both of us!


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