Top Ten Tuesday: Silly Titles Leelynn Came Up With

Top Ten Tuesday: Silly Titles Leelynn Came Up With

Okay sweet. So I’m gonna have fun with this one because I’m like soooooooo creative, you know?

So anyway, let’s see what I come up with. Wish me luck.

Also I think I’m gonna be super silly with these so don’t mind me. I can’t be seriously when it comes to coming up with book titles because I am the absolute WORST at being creative.

Yes that totally contradicts what I said above, but this is truth.

Original title: Smitty’s Calling Card

New title: The Devil Within

I told you guys. I’m going to be terrible at this. Don’t listen to me.

New Title: The Price of Humanity


New Title: The Spirit in the Hallways

Spooky butterfly/moth creature thing on the cover that I honestly don’t remember what the significance was about it, and why did I rate this 5 stars?

New Title: The Descent of Heaven

Cuz the main character’s name is Heaven Kogo. Witty, dare I say it.

New Title: The Finch on His Shoulder

I don’t even know. I’m sorry.

New Title: The Bella Effect

New Title: Second Chances for Selfish Girls

New Title: Learning to Love, Again

New Title: The Patriarchy Strikes Again

Okay now I’m just being ridiculous but whatever, fam. I tried.

New Title: Mercy is For the Weak

Bruh, the 8 year old killed his older brother for power. So what does that tell you?

So I was actually gonna do this totally different and do one of those “honest title” things but I couldn’t think of it the way I wanted to. So you’re left with this mess. I’m sorry, fam!

22 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Silly Titles Leelynn Came Up With

  1. Listen, book titles are HARD, and you did great. xD I’m really not a fan of one-word titles most of the time, so I totally prefer your “The Spirit in the Hallways” to the original! I’d be much more likely to pick that one up. The Finch on His Shoulder made me giggle. xD I haven’t read A Dance of Cloaks, but that does sound interesting, and your title is perfect lol.

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    1. THEY ARE! This is why I can’t write a book like my gosh. Yeah I think one word titles are hard and they don’t always get me interested so that’s really a hit or miss for me I guess. But then idk if The Spirit in the Hallways makes it too obvious?!?!? hehe.

      Oh yeah that one was an intentional funny one so yay it works!

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  2. Yo, my brain totally bailed on this week’s prompt so it’s amazing that you did it! I haven’t read half of these books that you mentioned but I love the new titles you’ve given them! Second Chances for Selfish Girls sounds intriguing and so does Mercy for the Weak! LOL Sounds intense 😂

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    1. Hey, I probably would have bailed too if it wasn’t for my extra need to make sure I don’t skip prompts too often. I mean maybe in 2020 I’ll take a break from doing a bunch of posts since I have something literally every single day, but I’ll decide on that later. I’m still thinking about it.

      Hehehe thank you for the love. Yeah, I notice that a lot of these are pretty under the radar so I purposely chose them hoping that they would sound more interesting with my new titles hehe.


  3. The Price of Humanity has an AWESOME ring to it, and so does The Spirit in the Hallways.

    Clever idea w/ The Descent of Heaven! You should be consulted on the next edition.


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