Favorite Posts 017

Favorite Posts 017

Hello gentle friends. It’s time for another round of my favorite posts that I’ve seen throughout the blogosphere.

This Rebel Reviews: Stalking Jack the Ripper by Kerri Maniscalco

I am so happy I gave the book another try. I tried it a few years ago and hated it and DNFed it but I was not in a good place at the time and when my bookstabestie Mary @aparanormalromance recommended I retry it I agreed too.

Nicole D.

I Love You so Mochi by Sarah Kuhn

What I admire most about I Love You So Mochi is its capacity to look cute and soft on the outside and be fun and light on the inside because of the cover, Kimi’s voice and Kuhn’s writing, while at the same time be deep and heartfelt and talk about existential crisis, anxiety, discovering other cultures, culture sensitivity, complex family relationships and parental pressures.


ARC Book Review: Imaginary Friend

I’m just going to go ahead and get this statement out of the way: this is just too long. I read an interview with Chbosky where he stated that even though it’s 720 pages, every single page earned its place. And I know that, to him, that is very true. Only he knows the vision he had for this book. But to me? This could’ve been a good 200 pages shorter. Maybe even 300, honestly.


¡Vamos a hablar! | Let’s Talk! — Interview with Alexandra Peñaloza Alessandri

This really is a common misconception, though I guess it is easier to “finish” a draft because it’s shorter. But that doesn’t mean it’s easier to have a workable, publishable draft at all! Because picture books are so much shorter than novels, you have less space to tell an equally engaging story with a fully fleshed out plot and characters.

Alexandra Peñaloza Alessandri

Interview with Nina Valera

Before I even finished Crier’s War I knew I had to reach out to Nina to see if I could do an interview. And I was lucky enough to receive this gem! But then I was sick enough not to be able to post it until today. Please don’t let that deter you from this amazing book, author, AND interview! Full disclosure, a lot of this is world building focused because I’m a geek.


Lovely Libraries: Get Library Carded

I started my ‘lovely libraries’ feature last year (and then abandoned it) to talk about Toronto libraries – and while I’ll still do that (eventually), let’s talk about Vancouver libraries today!


Am I Falling Out of Love with Fantasy?

 is the fantasy genre getting worse? I honestly don’t think that’s the case; if anything, I think that in the YA fantasy age range, it’s getting better; at least we’re not still stuck retelling the same 3 fairytales with straight, white main characters as we were in early 2016.


Audio Book Popularity on the Rise… but Print Still Reigns Supreme

Given the relative expense of audio books vs. print books, it would be interesting to know if their increased popularity corresponds with increased awareness of their availability through resources like the Overdrive and Libby through the public library system.


That One Line (a new blog series)

 For this blog series, I am tweaking it slightly to suit my taste and not limit it to books alone – because, from time to time, I always come across these absolutely beautiful quotes from TV series, movies, etc. and it would be such a shame not to include them here.


Blogtober: Halloween Creatures Book Tag

Originally I was going to redo it with books I’ve read in the last year, but I actually found the creator (Anthony @ Keep Reading Forward) tweaked it a little bit for a fresh start this year.


Can’t Wait Wednesday – 10/2/19

I have always loved reading these posts, looking forward at books that people can’t wait for. But I always find that I want a list and it is just one book. So I decided I would share three books that I can’t wait for.


I changed the format for this post a little bit because I wasn’t liking how it looked like before. I think I like this one better. What do you think?

Also, I added a section for a BookTube video because I thought about it, and I love watching different booktubers, and why not showcase them on these? Who knows? You may end up getting lost in their channel and finding someone new to subscribe to, if you haven’t already!

Just lots and lots of more love to spread, honestly.

7 thoughts on “Favorite Posts 017

  1. This is a great post and I enjoy the new format. I think it’s awesome you are including booktube since I haven’t ventured much into it.


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