TBR Lows & Highs 020

TBR Lows & Highs 020

Oh my gosh guys! I can’t believe I’ve been doing this meme for 20 weeks! Seriously, so proud of myself. Pat myself on the back because I am doing great! Remember I keep telling you guys to always celebrate the small victories and this totally counts so whoohoo!

Thanks again to Destiny @ Howling Libraries (who is now self-hosted and deserves all the love and congratulations and I’m gonna say this forever and all time!) for hosting this meme!

Again no real reason other than I can’t find copies at the moment and I really do want to clean up my TBR list to ones that I’ll actually read rather than just looking at the covers. Some of these covers were really pretty though!

Oh so apparently I added two books to my TBR since last week! Improvement, improvement.

Goddess of the Sea (Goddess Summoning #1) – P.C. Cast

Clearly I’m a mermaid whore, and it’s my life goal to read all books mermaid related.

The Unkindest Tide (October Daye #13) – Seanan McGuire

I’m also pretty sure I added this one because female pirates. I’m also a female pirate whore and need to read more of those. But since this is Book #13 in the series, I will have to see if I will eventually read the first twelve books. You guys know my track record. I sound like a broken record too lol.

I think this new medicine is giving me a lot more energy than the other one, but I still feel dizzy in the mornings a lot. Let me go get some water though. I don’t think I’ve had any at all today. Well, I know I haven’t. I’m just a lazy person.

Love ya, fam!

4 thoughts on “TBR Lows & Highs 020

    1. Yessssss! I honestly need to do better with staying consistent but at least I’m doing okay so far.

      I am so glad too. I still get a lot of headaches for some reason, but I’m drinking more water and trying to stay more hydrated. It could just be the lights in my office or the carpet or something. If our office gets renovated when we plan on it, that may change so we will see.

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    1. Thank you so much, Nancy ❤ ❤ I appreciate you so much, way more than I say so I hope you know that! I hope that I get some good content in the future 😀 I'm still playing around and seeing if I want to add/change some posts I've been doing but I like what I have so far!

      I love you too and I hope everything was okay with the storm.


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