#BEAutumn2019 Series: Autumn Book Tag

#BEAutumn2019 Series: Autumn Book Tag

Thank you to Sam @ Fictionally Sam and Clo @ Cuppa Clo for hosting this year’s Bookending Autumn 2019 series! Click on the Bookending Fall Icon to see the announcement page.

Today’s prompt is hosted by Michelle @ Michelle Likes Things! πŸ₯°

This tag will include Halloweenish/Horrorish/Autumnish prompts where you can a book or character to that prompt.

Yay for another seasonal tag! I can’t wait to do this one, although this post may be late because I want to do the graphics again (basic bitch moment) and I don’t know the questions at this moment.

Actually I don’t have to because Michelle made the graphics that I’m about to use, so thank you so much Michelle for creating them!! They are so beautiful.

With every tag come rules, so if you want to post this, please follow these:

  • Please link back to this post (not my homepage, but the address of this blogpost)
  • Answer the following questions.
  • Tag a bunch of people to do this tag!

I feel like with a lot of the books I read, they aren’t really comfy because they are fantasies and those are always full of stress and drama, but I do have one that I felt was super comfy!

I’d honestly love to see a movie adaptation of this novel though, seriously. I think they would be so cute!

I got the perfect one. It’s only red though but it should totally count.

Yeah, so as you guys know, I can’t really do scary scary books. But I had to for a blog tour and wow. I don’t think I can read it again anytime soon but I recommend it.

This year, it will always be AIDAN. No contest right now.

I think I mentioned that this book made me cry for a good reason? I just know that I did tear up a bit but I really loved this story. Everyone should go read it one day.

Do I do cute? I don’t know.

I’m not gonna repeat answers though or I would have picked The Flatshare again. That one was super cute.

I’m kind of bad at remembering what’s coming out each month, but I do know that I immediately picked this book through YA BOTM and it’s sitting patiently on my kitchen table waiting for me to open it up and enjoy it, so there ya go. That’s gonna be my answer.

Yes I totally tagged the same people, including YOU so get on this!

21 thoughts on “#BEAutumn2019 Series: Autumn Book Tag

  1. The Flatshare should be the answer to ALL the prompts XDDDDDDDDDD <33333 Thanks for the tag Leelynn, was just about to go searching for some tags to do so you saved me some googling :))))))

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  2. I always struggle to come up with comfy reads too. Although I have a few, including the one you mentioned, on my TBR so hopefully I’ll have some for future tags lol I’m also desperate to read The Beautiful and treated myself to a copy of it I need to read some of the library books that I have out atm first though but I’m defini excited to read it soon.

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    1. I feel like I never gravitate towards comfy reads, so it’s soooooo hard for me to come up with something other than The Flatshare as an answer! lol. Maybe one day with all these blog tours, I’ll find another comfy read without realizing it. yesssss we both need to read The Beautiful soon! Oh yeah, I’m trying to finish my library books too. I need to only borrow one at a time.

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      1. I have a few that I think will be comfy on my TBR but I definitely tend to pick up more books that couldn’t be described as such. I do like the sound of The Flatshare though. Fingers crossed that we also both enjoy it (: I don’t think I’d be as behind as I am if I hadn’t been ill but I probably get too many out at once too.

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        1. It’s like I refuse to be comfy when I’m in a book world lolol. If that makes any sense.

          I hope you end up liking The Flatshare! It was one of my favorite contemporary romance novels this year, especially for an adult read. I usually don’t gravitate towards adult books but this one was so great and I recommend it to everyone.

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  3. Yay!!! More tags!!! I’m not being sarcastic… building that bank!!!! Now I’m driving all the way to salt lake, staying there after the truck empties out the apt here and then driving ten hours to Colorado springs a week later. Tired yet??? So yeah! Bring me alllll the tags!!! Lol

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      1. Keep them coming..even once I’m settled and have my November reviews… I’ll need them for while I try to get a jump on January and to keep fun going in December kil


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