#BookBlogtober Series: Autumnal Bookshelf Decoration Ideas

#BookBlogtober Series: Autumnal Bookshelf Decoration Ideas

Thank you again so much Entertainingly Nerdy for showing me this prompt post on Twitter, and thank you so much to the amazing Jenniely for creating this last year!

I’m honestly not one of those that keeps a super nice bookshelf or anything, and I don’t have enough room for all my books right now – part of why I’m trying to do a purge but that’s another post – so while I won’t share how my bookshelf looks like, I’ll think about what kind of decorations would look pretty to match the season!

Dried Flowers

Either real or fake so that I’m not intentionally killing flowers, but I’d love to see my bookshelves decorated with some fall colored flowers. Even these roses in the photo would look adorable.

Harry Potter Mugs

These ones look absolutely adorable and I don’t know if I’d want to actually use them but I’d totally put them on my shelf to take pictures and stuff.

Fairy Lights

I see a lot of bookstagrams and booktubes showing their shelves with fairy lights around it, and that is like such a cute idea! I’m too lame to do that though, but I’d love to see how it would look like on my shelf!

Seriously this is a shout out to all the pretty shelves and photos that I’ve been seeing lately! I wish I could be on your level.

Here are some of those that I’ve seen on Instagram lately so go check them out if you haven’t already!

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6 thoughts on “#BookBlogtober Series: Autumnal Bookshelf Decoration Ideas

  1. Some great ideas here on how to decorate a bookshelf and make it more seasonal – I have little ornaments and I’m planning to get some fairy lights to drape around, makes for some great blog photos too I’m sure. Thanks for sharing your favourites!

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  2. I loveeee decorating my shelves. I actually spent like ten minutes last night just staring at my shelves and thinking of ways to redecorate and organize 😂 I think some pretty flowers on shelves would like SO nice!! Or even those fake leaves you can buy a bag of at the dollar store?? That would be super cute, too!

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      1. Aww you’re so sweet! I have an older photo on Twitter of my shelves from when we first moved and I set them up by color! I really need to reorganize them though… and maybe get another shelf because I’m all out of space and just have books stacked up now 😅


  3. I love those instagram snaps! They’re so pretty and aesthetically pleasing 😍 I just bought myself a fake evil laughing black pumpkin + some fall looking leaves + twine to go with my fairy lights at home! I don’t know what I’m gonna do with these props when the season is over since I have such little space as it is lmao 🤣Great post and suggestions, Leelynn!


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