#BookBlogtober Series: Best Reading Clothes

#BookBlogtober Series: Best Reading Clothes

Thank you again so much Entertainingly Nerdy for showing me this prompt post on Twitter, and thank you so much to the amazing Jenniely for creating this last year!

Well… I don’t really wear anything special to read because I don’t always plan out when I’m going to read, but I totally get what you mean by what would be the best reading clothes.

I think.


Now that I have an excuse to wear light sweaters, those are so comfy to wear! Then I can stay a little warm and a little cozy while I’m cuddled on the couch and read.

Actually this whole gif would be my dream. Cuddled up in a sweater and sweats with some hot cocoa watching the rain with some books next to me in a reading nook – if I had a reading nook. This is it. This is the perfect gif.

Sweater weather, fam. Sweater weather.

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