#BEAutumn2019 Series: Braving New Worlds

#BEAutumn2019 Series: Braving New Worlds

Thank you to Sam @ Fictionally Sam and Clo @ Book Dragons for hosting this year’s Bookending Autumn 2019 series! Click on the Bookending Fall Icon to see the announcement page.

Today’s prompt is hosted by the amazing Lauren @ Northern Plunder and she has been such a great host! 🥰

What horror worlds do you want to brave? Let us know about horror books, movies, podcasts, or video games you’re looking forward to consuming! (Or would only consume if you were that little bit braver)

Okay this is going to be interesting because I freaking hate horror movies or horror anything, so would I even want to try to brave anything?!

If I could be as brave as Alice, then I’d totally try to brave the world in Resident Evil. But you know, only for as long as possible.

I’d need to be a vampire in the Underworld universe if I’m going to brave that world too. If I could be best friends with Selene, then even better.

I don’t know if I’d want to be either Dracula’s bride or a monster hunter in the Van Helsing world, but just to be considered beautiful and surrounded by such gorgeous ladies like this would be a dream.

Honestly I’m the biggest scaredy cat in the entire world, so I don’t even want to be in a horror movie/film/podcast/world at all, but these are the ones that I can somewhat handle.

8 thoughts on “#BEAutumn2019 Series: Braving New Worlds

  1. I’m with you… don’t wanna be in any horror worlds thanks! I’ll stick to unicorns and sunshine and rainbows LOLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!! <3333

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