State of the ARC #4 – September was Okay?

State of the ARC #4 – September was Okay?

Thank you so much to Avalinah’s Books for hosting this meme! I liked my little infographic that I made thanks to Evalina – she showed me how and it was great, I appreciate her so much – so I decided to try it again!

And I know I said in the title that September was okay. It really was. I’m not going to be upset at my progress – or lack thereof – because I should celebrate all of the little victories I have in life!

Here’s another victory – I made 500 blog posts! That’s impressive, no?

  1. Have a Little Faith in Me – Sonia Hartl
  2. Only Ashes Remain – Rebecca Shaeffer
  3. Time Magic – Kelly N. Jane
  4. Tiger Queen – Annie Sullivan
  5. She’s the Worst – Lauren Spieller
  6. A Treason of Thorns – Laura E. Weymouth
  7. Stormrise – Jillian Boehme
  8. Relic – Bronwyn Eley
  9. Kingdom Cold Series – Brittni Chenelle (three books technically!)
  10. Six Goodbyes We Never Said – Candace Ganger

There were a few blog tours that I didn’t include on here, because I don’t think they were ARCs. They were given to me for free, and I did indicate that at the beginning of my review, but they came out earlier than when I received them. I won’t count those, but if you look at the blog tours I did in September, you’ll see the ones I mean. Either way, I think this was a good amount of ARCs to complete in a month, and I’m very proud of this progress.

OMG BookSirens and Edelweiss are seriously going to kill me. I need to stop reading library books for a month or something and just get through these ARCs. I’m dying here. I need to stop. Seriously.

Somehow I’m still at 15 books not due yet for Netgalley, and I have actually put my reviews that I did for like blog tours and stuff on Netgalley, so I’m still actually reviewing stuff. Not too bad, not too bad. It’s gonna happen, gentle friends. It’s gonna happen one of these days.

Also did you guys notice that I changed my theme a bit in celebration of the spooky season? I’m a vampire! Ha, love me. Thanks fam!

9 thoughts on “State of the ARC #4 – September was Okay?

    1. Thanks Arin! You know sometimes I feel like I need a break from reading ARCs because I want to go back and see what I missed that’s already out. It gives me less stress when I’m not on a deadline, and since I’m such a huge mood reader, sometimes I’m not in the mood to read something super new. If that makes sense? I know you can catch up on your 8 though. You’re amazing and good luck ❤ I'm rooting for you.


  1. I loveee those infographics! They are so cool. Honestly, you read a ton of ARCs this month? Like, I see that you still have quite a bit left but girl… 10 ARCs in one month? I seriously would die! I just read my first ARC in like two months 😅 I also loveee your little vampire self! She’s so cute!!!

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    1. Infogram! Just keep using the same one and copy and paste the photo rather than making more than one (it will have you pay if you do it the second way). Eva helped me with that too! Plus you can always see your progress on your post if you do it that way so you don’t really have to have different graphics for it. Well, at least I don’t feel the need when I do it like this.

      Thank you so much ❤ I have to give myself a pat on the back honestly because I was just looking at what I hadn't read as opposed to what I did read, and I didn't even realize it was that much until I was going through it ❤ Oh thank you!!! Yes I'm so happy with her! She's gonna be my little mascot for the rest of the spooky season!

      And hey congratulations on reading an ARC though! Two months is a good break honestly. I may need to do that starting 2020.

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    1. For everyone who thinks I’m the NG wonderqueen I keep trying to tell then I’m the black sheep of Edelweiss. If there was a % there I’d be at like 60 with no hope for redemption. So yeah.

      It takes a lot of work to come around and you are kicking arc ass. You are making a ton of progress lady.


  2. Daaang, so many ARCs! But you know, you really do read loads of them every month? In the last month I’ve only managed to read like two?! Haha but you’re out there kicking ARC ass and reading 10! Amazing. I need to really get on it, especially this month where I’ve got a ton due in October 😂Awesome post, Leelynn!


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