[Tag] Would You Rather Book Edition!

[Tag] Would You Rather Book Edition!

Siobhan tags me in so many things, and I feel so special, so thank you Siobhan and you guys should be following her if you aren’t already. Like, go now and follow her right now.

Also look at me trying to be fancy with making my own graphics like I’m some hot shit or something.

I feel like my track record would be standalones since I can’t seem to finish any series to save my life? But if I like the standalone so much, then I’d want it to be a trilogy? (read: Sorcery of Thorns)

Apparently female because that seems to be the most I read. I mean… I’m pretty sure if I were to do an infographic of the ratio between female and male authors, females would be close to like 90% or something. So, yeah.

I need my discounts, so B&N fam. Nothing wrong with Amazon when I need books like yesterday (but don’t want to go to the store to get them), but something about walking into a Barnes & Noble and feeling at home just feels so special.

TV shows. I love movies, but you can create so much more content with TV shows, and you don’t have to fit everything into two hours. One of my favorite adaptations in gif form below – even though I never read the novel it was based on but whatever. I love this show.

I need to finish books. I can’t just do five pages a day. To stop at only 5 pages would literally irk me. Every time one of my coworkers tells me that they read like a couple of pages and then fell asleep, I cringe internally so hard. I just can’t do it! I would feel so incomplete!

I love reviewing so maybe that? I don’t feel like I’m creative enough to be an author. Although I do have a WIP in the works that I have been sitting on for a couple of years or more. I just need to be in the right mindset to start writing in it again. But if I became a professional reviewer, would I hate writing reviews? I don’t want that.

New books. I can’t just stick with my top 20 favorites over and over. How else will I get new favorites, you know?

Librarian. I don’t know how I would feel if I had to sell books to make a living, because then I’d want to keep buying them for myself. And I’ve always had a dream of working and living in a library so, that would be perfect.

lol what even is my favorite genre

Physical. And that’s because my eyes keep hurting when I have to read e-books. And I think I like the idea of giving away some physical books that I think some of my friends or coworkers would end up liking. Plus they are fun to take pictures of. I’m lucky to be able to afford them though. Geez they can be pretty damn expensive.

Whoa I need to watch this again. I forgot about this scene hahahaha. I love Eretria so much. And Amberle too but like… I don’t think she is in the second season? Lame sauce.

22 thoughts on “[Tag] Would You Rather Book Edition!

    1. Awww yay Kitty! Right, I feel like tv show adaptations are way better because they have more time to devote to character development, can actually tell the story the way it needs to be told rather than trying to condense it into two hours or something. You should totally do this one if you haven’t already! And thank you ❤ It's basic but I tried haha

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  1. I love your answers. I love going to the bookstore when possible, too. And I have real beef with the local indie store. Indie does not always equal better. An indie can be not so good to the community…. so B and N it is….

    And YES on tv shows. I’m so glad that Six of Crows etc are going to Netflix as a series and not a movie.

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    1. I’m so glad you did this one btw ❤ Your answers were the freaking best.

      I need to actually get out of my house and office and stop by a bookstore again. Well maybe next year or something. I seriously need to go on a ban. And who knows? Maybe if I stop buying books for a month or so, I'll get some for Christmas! Woot.

      Yeah there's an indie store by me and it doesn't have a lot of what I want so I have to resort to B&N or Amazon. Nothing wrong with that but I do try to support them when I can.

      I guess I need to read SoC before I watch the Netflix show!

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      1. How about this? If you don’t read SOC by the end of the year… shit..j need to think of how to end that sentence.

        I’m so bad at this. Kaz would be so disappointed in me…

        I need to go on a book buying spree but I need to be careful because I’m moving so I cant buy many now because that’s more to move but somethings … i mean 18 fn months.


  2. OMG gifs are these Leelynn!? Like, that last one? And the one under professional reviewer or author? What show or movie is this because I NEED!!!! Plz and thank u 😊
    I LOVE your answers but omg some of these choices are so difficult to choose from! So so cruel… Haha also, if we don’t have a favorite genre, that means we’d still get to read everything, right? 😂

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    1. Last one is from The Shannara Chronicles! I love that show so much. You should totally see if you can find it somewhere. And the librarian one is from The Mummy that came out in like 1999 or something like that! I hate when I have to choose one or the other honestly. It’s so hard to make a decision like that! I basically want it all.

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