Top Ten Tuesday: Books I Enjoyed Out of My Comfort Zone

Top Ten Tuesday: Books I Enjoyed Out of My Comfort Zone

This title is super long, but I totally get it. So basically, I have to come up with a list of ten books that I actually enjoyed that are out of my normal comfort zone. I can totally do it.

So I would say – despite what I’ve been told – that I am not really a contemporary person. Or at least I wasn’t, but after reading more of these books that I actually liked, I was able to venture out of my comfort zone. So I’ll add some of those here. Well not just contemporary but some historical fiction as well since I didn’t really use to read that as well.

Wow, I’m kind of rambling.

So this was a contemporary novel that I got to read for a blog tour, which I’m so glad that I got to read because I personally really loved this one. This had a mystery involved, and took place in Ireland, and it was just… wow. I loved it.

This was a contemporary romance novel, and I don’t always like romance novels, but this one actually made me smile and laugh. I think because it felt like a slow burn, and honestly Tiffy and Leon became friends and got to learn about one another before they ended up finding out that they wanted to bang. So that was way cooler than insta-love, you know?

This was another novel that is a contemporary, but also dealt with dealing with grief and had some magic realism to it. I absolutely loved this novel, and I loved how Callie was so realistic as an MC, and I was actually able to relate to her and feel for her.

This was a contemporary with science fiction involved – physics that I wouldn’t have known about without this book – and it was really intriguing. I really, really enjoyed this novel, and I was so happy to see some sort of survival story that was realistic.

This was a historical fiction novel. I’ve been trying to get more into historical fiction and I know that there are some that I just couldn’t get into. This one was a huge exception. I also loved the old Hollywood story feel to it, although seeing what Evelyn and Celia had to go through seriously broke my heart.

This was another mystery and contemporary novel that I took a chance on because I was recommended to try it by Brittany @ Brittany the Book Guru, and I totally trust her judgment and I’m so glad I did. The audiobook on this story was absolutely amazing, and I honestly felt like I was listening to a true crime podcast or something.

Another historical fiction novel, with some romance involved that I didn’t think that I’d like but I ended up loving so much! I haven’t read the companion novel to it yet, but I definitely want to sometime in the near future.

Another historical fiction novel! See, I think I’m getting out of my comfort zone slowly. This was also mythology based since it told about the battle with Achilles and all that, but it was also way cool because it told a side of the story that we never get to hear. I think that’s why I really loved this novel.

This was my first ever political thriller and I was definitely not disappointed. I’m kind of surprised that I liked it, because I didn’t think I would like anything remotely political in the fiction world. I felt like the threat was realistic, I loved the President in this novel, and I just really enjoyed this ride.

Another contemporary mystery with magical realism involved. Well, sort of. I liked that there were aspects of the story that the girls loved to read, and then how their real lives ended up mirroring or being involved in the Lovelorn story. It was very interesting, and the audiobook was just amazing.

So I did a nice thing and made sure that I included the Goodreads links on the book covers, so if you wanted to check them out, feel free! I know that sometimes, I get too lazy to do that, but after talking with Dana @ Devour Book with Dana, I wanted to make sure I made it easy for anyone to be able to check out some books that may interest them.

Ugh, I do NOT want to go back to work today. But… I guess I gotta make that coin though.

25 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Books I Enjoyed Out of My Comfort Zone

  1. Great list! So many of these are on my TBR – The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo, All the Bad Apples, Next Year in Havana, Sadie, The Silence of the Girls and How the Light Gets In are all novels I’m interested in checking out. Especially Evelyn Hugo – I’ve heard so many good things about it!

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  2. So true about that title, right? xD I tried to find ways to shorten it, but nope, it obviously wasn’t happening, so I gave up. Just go with it, I guess haha.

    I want to read Before I Disappear! It sounds so good. I also definitely don’t do political thrillers, but I’m so intrigued by the combination of Clinton/Patterson that I really need to give The President Is Missing a try. It seems like so many people like it when they weren’t expecting to, so it gives me hope!

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  3. Moira Fowley Doyle is so underrated. She’s so freaking good and her atmosphere in her book is always really eerie and perfect for a fall read I think.

    I’ve learned over the last couple years that I actually love historical fiction – I just didn’t think I did lol

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    1. Oh man Mel, if I didn’t have to read that in August, I would have totally read it in October or something. It was perfectly creepy and fall-y lol. I want to try some of her other books as well.

      See, I think I’m similar to that! I’m always like *ehhhh* about contemporary or historical fiction, and then I look back at what I really liked and it’s one of those haha.


  4. Awesome list, girl! Love that the Flatshare and Evelyn Hugo made it on here ๐Ÿ˜ I can’t wait to read All the Bad Apples, Before I Disappear and a few others of these! Next Year in Havana sounds really good too ๐Ÿ’œ Here’s to finding more contemporaries you enjoy!

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