Top Ten Tuesday: Books I Want on My Shelfie

Top Ten Tuesday: Books I Want on My Shelfie

I changed the name of the title a bit for this one because the original was pretty long. Also, I’m supposed to be in an all day training off-site tomorrow, so I won’t be on to actually do this tomorrow. I’m doing it Monday and hopefully when I get a break, I can add my link to Jana’s post.

Do you know how tempted I am to just buy a bunch of these books to satisfy this need? If I had the unlimited money to do this? It wouldn’t even be a question.

*clicks Auto-Buy on Amazon or something*

Didn’t I buy this one though? I don’t remember.

That’s literally me and my husband on the cover, minus our four dogs. Self portrait!

Less words today. More pictures. Why? Because I didn’t feel like typing I guess. Just kidding.

25 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Books I Want on My Shelfie

    1. Thanks for giving me your link! I love that there’s always HUNDREDS of people that do T10T but I feel bad when I can’t go through every single post in one sitting. One day I will.

      I hope you get the physical copy of Broken Things! I’m so jealous that you got to read an ARC! I wonder if much changed from that version. Haha yeah I do NOT like the other cover. I made a post about that lol.

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  1. Don’t worry I don’t feel like typing either today because of reasons. I definitely would love to have Kingdom of Souls, Daughter of Nri and Loveboat Taipei on my shelf, especially since they have gorgeous covers and they just look so good.I have a feeling that Daughter of Nri won’t disappoint, because look at that amazing cover. I’m in awe. Great post!

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  2. Ugh, I can COMPLETELY understand the urge to buy books just for your shelves. I’ve seriously read eARCs before and then had to purchase the physical copy when it was published because it was just too pretty to not own. So many of these have such gorgeousss covers! I’m a cover porn fanatic.

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