Weekly Wrap Up: July 28, 2019

Weekly Wrap Up: July 28, 2019

I came back to Virginia later on Sunday than I anticipated. Basically since our flight from San Francisco to Chicago was delayed by an hour and a half, we missed our final connecting flight to Norfolk. We were put on standby for one flight, and confirmed for the later flight. They only had one standby seat left, so I went home first while Mark stayed later. It was a little bumpy to end our week and a half long vacation, but I’m glad that when I got home, I got the best welcome home reception from my puppies.

Started: July 14, 2019 | Finished: July 29, 2019 | Rating: 4 Stars

Once again, I’ve only finished one book this week, but I’m still so very proud of myself for getting through it. I’ve been wanting to read this the entire time I was in Hawaii, but every time I’d get ready to read, I’d end up laying down and falling asleep. I guess all those early mornings and long days were just wearing me out. It’s okay though! I am so glad I got to go back home for a bit.

Me giving my brother one final hug before we left Hawaii

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