Weekly Wrap Up: July 20, 2019

Weekly Wrap Up: July 20, 2019

I’m still queuing up most of my posts, but I’m taking some time today to write a little bit. I haven’t read much since I’ve been in Hawaii, although I guess I haven’t tried very hard. Well, no. That’s not true. I have tried to read but I have been wanting to enjoy my limited time in Hawaii since I know this isn’t going to happen again in a long time. So far we’ve had some fun driving around the south side of the island, and although the Pali Lookout is closed due to the rock slides, we still got to see some amazing views. It really makes me miss Hawaii a lot more than before.

Me playing in the sun before going to a party

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So one of the main reasons why I didn’t read much while I’ve been here is because I was busy helping my mom prepare for her company’s 10 year anniversary celebration. Well, it was definitely a success and I’m so glad that we were able to be here for this special milestone in my mom’s organization.

I am so glad that I am with my mom and brother again. Thank you also to my husband for being here to be my emotional support and enjoying our time here. We can officially start our “honeymoon”. I’ll share more pictures when I take them. I plan on reading on the beach today so stay tuned for that.

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