Broken Things by Lauren Oliver

Broken Things by Lauren Oliver

Title: Broken Things
Author: Lauren Oliver
Genre: YA Mystery
Format: Audiobook
Narrated By: Erin Spencer, Sarah Drew,
Saskia Maarleveld
Length: 9 hours, 51 minutes
Publisher: HarperCollins
Publish Date: October 2, 2018
Rating: ★★★★★
Recommend: Heck yes!

This book gave me so much Pretty Little Liars vibes! Mostly because of the death of Summer, and how much of a bitch she was to people and her two best friends Mia and Brynn. Even the fact that the police thought that Mia and Brynn were the ones that brutally murdered Summer was reminiscent of PLL, when some incompetent Rosewood police officers thought the Liars were the ones that killed Alison.

But anyway.

From the first sentence, I was hooked on this book. I had the opportunity to listen to this novel from my library, and I feel like it made me really appreciate the novel even more. For one, I loved that Mia and Brynn were played by different narrators, each very distinct from one another. Brynn’s voice was absolutely hilarious, and I think she is now my new best book friend ever. Mia is a smart girl, although there are times where she can barely speak, although there’s a lot that she wants to say.

Then we have some side characters that were pretty amazing as well, like Mia’s best friend Abi (who is a beauty influencer and plus size and proud and possibly bisexual from what she told Mia). Abi and Brynn are my two favorite characters, although I do love Mia as well. I just like the voice of Brynn the most. These girls had to deal with a whole town believing that they brutally murdered their best friend even though there was no proof, and that they didn’t actually do it. If only they didn’t keep that final secret of what actually happened that day, the last time they ever saw Summer alive. Maybe then, they would have been believed in the beginning.

The idea of Lovelorn bringing these girls together – this mystical world that was first brought into the girls lives through a book, that somehow came to life after playing in this world. It wasn’t all that it seemed, and wow. This book really messed me up. It reminded me of The Roanoke Girls as well, although not as graphic as that.

I rated this a five because wow. It messed me up so badly. It haunted me from the first sentence and I just could not believe what they had to go through for the past five years, and in this novel. Brynn and Mia really should have stayed together. Summer was a tortured soul, and it was tragic what happened to her. Although it seemed like that’s what she wanted, but I doubt it. The reveal towards the end was ridiculous. I was not expecting it because I did not pay attention to the subtle clues that kept dropping throughout the story, but when I finally realized it, it just blew me away.

I think these characters will stay with me forever. This was the first Lauren Oliver novel that I ever read, and wow this was an amazing one.

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