Friday Favorites: Books Set in Space

Friday Favorites: Books Set in Space

Oh I’m gonna have a lot of fun with this week’s post! If you were around on my blog last week, you may have seen that I started participating in this weekly meme called Friday Favorites, hosted by Something of the Book! Be sure to check out the link to see what past topics were, and what’s coming up next.

BIG DUH. Since I haven’t read a lot of books set in space yet, I’m gonna include the ones on my shelf and the ones I want to read. In the Illuminae Files, I’m 1 for 3, and I know once I start Gemina, I’m not gonna stop until I finish Obsidio. I need a weekend for that.

This one is on my shelf, the first one at least. Or maybe all three because I liked the covers. Not to mention I gotta at least try it because of Amie Kaufman.

BIG DUH TOO. Everyone and their pets are talking about this one. I should have bought it when I got the chance, but I’ll get it eventually.

I’m 2 for 4 of this series, not including Fairest (not pictured). I don’t remember why I stopped reading them, but I freaking enjoyed this series so much. I’ll get back into it soon. No doubt.

What’s on your list of books set in space? What do I need to check out? I know I’m seriously lacking in my space expertise so lay it on me! Until next time!

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