[Challenge Announcement]: Duck, Duck, Goose!

[Challenge Announcement]: Duck, Duck, Goose!

I challenge you to a duel!

Just kidding. I challenge MYSELF to some more reading challenges, courtesy of Goodreads, and I figured I’d share them on here! This one comes from a Goodreads group called Game Night, which is so much fun. You should definitely take a look.

July’s Challenge of the Month is Duck Duck Goose. For those of you who remember playing it as a child, doesn’t it bring back memories? In this game, we will be playing Duck Duck Goose against ourselves! Can we complete all the tasks before we are “it”? I sure hope so.

  1. Invitation to the Party: Read a book published in the month you were born.
  2. Game Time!: Read a book where the author’s last name begins with a letter in G A M E.
  3. Kid Stuff: Read a book with young adult as a main page genre.
  4. Get in the Circle: Read a book with a circle on the cover.
  5. You’re It.: Read a book with the letters IT intact in the title.
  6. Duck: Read a book with something on the cover that flies.
  7. Duck: Read a book with a 4-word title.
  8. Duck: Read a book that begins with a D.
  9. Goose: Read a book with an animal on the cover.
  10. Run!: Read a book with the word RUN in the text.
  11. Tag: Read a book where someone gets caught.
  12. Winner: Read a book with the letters WIN in the title.

I think I can read at least one book for this task. That counts for something, right? Let’s see how well I do! What kind of challenges are you doing for July? Let me know in the comments.

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